Friday, January 29

Store coupons vs. Manufacturer coupons

A nice little coupon booklet from Smith's came in the mail yesterday! When you get your books of coupons, it's important to notice what kind of coupons they include. I took a picture of mine to show you some differences. Each of the coupons had the Smith's logo printed on it.

BUT, most of the coupons were store coupons- we know because it's printed 'STORE COUPON' right on the top of the coupon. (Those are on the left.) A few others are Manufacturer's coupons, again we can tell because 'MANUFACTURER COUPON' is printed on the top. Again, all of the coupons had the Smith's logo printed on the bottom. Does that mean that every coupon in the booklet has to be used at Smith's? No!

Any manufacturer's coupon can be used at any store you wish. This is because the manufacturer is paying for the product, not the store. So, in my case, I cut the Smith's logo off the bottom of the manufacturer's coupons. Why? So I can price match and get double coupon values on each of these at Family Fresh Foods! Instead of getting 55-75 cents off the three products on the right, they turn into $1.10 and $1.50 off at a store where they will double the coupons.

So, next time you see a manufacturer's coupon with a store logo on it- remember that you do not have to use the coupon at that store. They would like you to, because they get paid for it. Use the coupon at the store that works the very best for you!

And, if you happen to have a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon for the same item available at the same store, you can stack these together and use both! (As in the case of the Special K cereal at Target in the post below.) You gotta LOVE it when that happens!

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