Friday, July 2

Schick & Smith's- Make even more!

Just in case you haven't cashed in on the Smith's Hydro Razor deal yet....

Look for the Hydro Razor with 3 razors- those are only $5.70 and you can still use these coupons on this razor:
$5/1 SS 6/13
$4/1 Schick eCoupon
Final price: FREE + $3.30 overage!

4th of July Weekend

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend everyone!

I am going to be on a short vacation for the holiday and my son's 6th birthday.... just so you know. I will still be posting the Family Fresh Foods ad for next week and the very best deals out there for you to grab!

I'm so glad I have you as a new friend- I love all the new friends I've made through Savvy Sister Shops. I truly hope you have a wonderful weekend with your families.

Kmart doubling coupons next week!

Kmart is doubling coupons starting this Sunday! They will doubling coupons all week, so...

$1.00 off coupon= $2.00 off!
$1.50 off coupon= $3.00 off!
$2.00 off coupon= $4.00 off!

This time they are doubling 'health and beauty' coupons, so be prepared with your high value coupons to use in that category. Get printing and cutting now to be prepared.

Here is a
list of Kmart participating in the doubles event. It looks as though every store in Utah is!

Here are some more rules to know:

1. Only 5 coupons a day may be doubled. You may use more than 5 coupons at checkout, but only the first 5 will be doubled in value.

2. You will need a
Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards Card in order to double your coupons. You can sign up online for a card and print a temporary card to use while you wait for your plastic card to be mailed.

3. Make sure your Rewards card or card # is swiped or typed in before they ring in your purchases.

4. Store coupons will not be doubled.

Thanks, Coupons Equal Cash & Utah Deal Diva!


We have a winner of the Jilly Bean Things giveaway! Congratulations to entry....

#62- cherdon said...
I really like the HOME fabric apples in black/off-white/gray


Please contact me via e-mail within 48 hours to claim your prize! If I don't hear from you, the prize will go to another entry. Thanks to everyone that participated in this fun giveaway.

Coupons 101

Here's a Coupons 101 course (in a nutshell) for you new coupon users out there! Even if you're not new to coupons, check it out- you may learn something new that will help you save money!

First of all, when you want to begin using coupons, you need to start collecting coupons.

The first and most basic way to collect coupons is with the Sunday newspaper inserts. These coupons are the most reliable source of coupons. You know they will always come on Sunday and they are not going to run out of prints before they get to you! I recommend getting a multiple Sunday paper subscription to help you get started. The more papers you have, the more FREE & cheap items you can acquire with your coupons.

Having a subscription means the papers are delivered right to your front door. You don't need to pay the extra cost of driving to use a vendor paper machine. You also won't need to beg your neighbors for their coupons.

Next, you need to know some coupon lingo and abbreviations that go along with your Sunday newspaper coupons. Here are just a few:

SS- SmartSource Coupons
RP- RedPlum Coupons
P&G- Proctor & Gamble Coupons
GM- General Mills

More coupon abbreviations that are helpful to know:

OOP- Out of pocket
AFS- Associated Food Stores
wyb- When you buy
BOGO or B1G1- Buy One, Get One (Usually associated with Buy One, Get One FREE deals.)
DND- Do Not Double

If you see something like this: Use $1/1 SS 6/13, that means to look for the coupon for $1 off the product listed. This coupon will be found in the SmartSource Sunday Paper insert on June 13th.

So, $1/2 RP 6/27 means..... $1 off 2 products from the RedPlum coupon insert from June 27th.

A lot of coupon users will write the date with a Sharpie or a marker on their coupon inserts as soon as they receive them. You can do this, too, if you are only going to cut your coupons as you need/want them. Find a place to file them, either in an accordian folder, desk drawer, or binder. Using sheet protectors is a great way to go when you have multiple sets of coupons.

If you ever forget to write the date of your coupon inserts onto the insert, just look for the date in the teeny-tiny printing on the "spine" of the insert.

To see how I organize my coupons in a binder, stay tuned for Monday's post on my coupon binder or you can view my
coupon binder video.

Other coupons to collect:

Internet/Printable Coupons: I love printable coupons! You can usually print 2 of each coupon from printable coupon sites. My favorite sites for printing coupons:

These sites have a wide variety of products available all the time and are updated almost daily. If I find a great sale to pair a printable coupon with, I'll be sure to let you know about those as well!

Some manufacturers regularly post coupons on their websites that may be printed as well. More and more manufacturers are putting coupons on their Facebook pages, too!

Blinkie Coupons: These are in machines in various stores (I usually find mine at Smith's/Kroger stores). They are called "Blinkie" coupons because of the blinking red light on the coupon machine. When you see a blinkie machine, grab a few coupons to organize with your collection. Even if you don't use them in the store where you found them, you never know when they will come in handy!

Tearpad Coupons: Another coupon to watch for in stores. Tear off 2-3 for your family and store them!

Peelie Coupons: These are coupons placed on products in the store to entice you to buy them. Peelie coupons can make amazing deals! Watch for extra savings in the store with peelie coupons. Sometimes you will have another paper of printed coupon that exceeds the value of the peelie coupon. In that case, you will need to make a decision about which coupon you use.

Catalina Coupons: These are coupons that print from special catalina machines if they are available. The cashier will hand yours to you with your receipt. I get catalina coupons from Target, Walgreen's (called Register Rewards) and Smith's. These are very valuable when paired with sales. Or, catalina coupons are good for dollars off your next shopping trip. If I know about a great catalina that will print when triggered by specific purchases, I'll be sure to let you know about these!

Now that your collection of coupons is growing, here's some more Coupons 101 information that you need to know:

1. 'One coupon per purchase' does NOT mean separate transactions. You may use one manufacturers coupon for each item you buy. 'Per purchase' means each item you purchase.

2. Using coupons helps the store! They are paid by the manufacturer for each coupon you use, so don't ever feel guilty about using coupons. Not only are the stores paid by the manufacturer, but they are given a handling fee as well. This is anywhere from 7-15 cents for EACH coupon!

Sometimes stores will double your coupons or have a coupon promotion. If they do this, they are also helping to pay for your groceries. They do this to get you used to shopping at the store and want you to become a regular customer. I always welcome these ideas! If the manufacturers and stores are willing to pay for my groceries, I will gladly allow them to do this!

3. Manufacturers coupons may be used along with store coupons. That means for every manufacturers coupon you have that matches a store coupon, you may use both coupons together and double your savings! This is also what is meant by 'stacking' coupons.

The Associated Food Stores regularly have store coupons in their ads, and Target has printable store coupons and store coupons in Target mailed booklets. These may be used with manufacturers coupons as long as the product matches both coupons.

4. Don't cut your coupons on Sunday and then use them on Monday! Wait and watch for sales to pair them up with. This increases your savings 4-5 times! If you have multiple sets of coupons, you are able to stock up when prices are rock bottom. You will feed your family and add to your storage at the same time.

Watch for more Coupons 101 posts to come!

Thursday, July 1

Last chance!

Don't forget to enter to win a FREE item- any one you want- courtesy of Jilly Bean Things! I'll be announcing the winner at 11 a.m. tomorrow, Friday morning! Go here to enter your comments to win!

$1 Old Navy Flip Flops!

Get $1 Old Navy Flip Flops this Saturday! You will need to print a coupon for this sale, get yours at the Old Navy Facebook Page.

Limit 5- get a pair for everyone in the family!

Thanks, Dixie Coupon Chicks!

FREE IdeaPaint Sample!

Get a FREE sample of IdeaPaint! This is a dry erase paint that can be used anywhere. Even if your kids use it on the walls, it will wipe right off!

Thanks, Bargain Divas!

$20 off $30 Firestone Auto Service Coupon!

This is a great coupon to have when getting ready for summer road trips! Print a $20 off $30 Firestone Auto Care Service.

This offer is valid is limited states: AZ, CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA or WY and is good until July 5.

Thanks, Good Deal Mama!

Rice Krispies- 50 cents a box!

Buy 2 Rice Krispie Treats at Walgreen's $2.50 each
Use 2 $1/1 Rice Krispie Treats printable coupons
Final price: $3.00
Get a $2.00 catalina= 50 cents each!

Thanks, Cuckoo for Coupon Deals!

Salon Deals Today!

There are 2 super discount deals for salons today! First, get a super makeover look downtown for 1/2 off! Cake Hair Salon and Groupon are offering $60 worth of salon treatment for only $30!

The Cake Hair Salon is located in Salt Lake City at 210 E. 500 S. Grab this one today and get the superstar treatment the next time you are downtown. Go here for more information on Cake Hair Salon.

Next up is $29 for Full or Partial Highlights at Salon on the Avenue - a $75 value! Salon on the Avenue is located in Provo at 83 N. University Ave. and they have linked up with Screamin' Coupons to bring you this offer. Either way you go with these deals, you'll be a more beautiful you this summer!

Smith's Moneymakers!

Here are 2 moneymaker deals using your eCoupons at Smith's!

Smart Balance Milk 1/2 gallon $2.99
Use $2/1 Smart Balance printable coupon
Or use $2/1 RP 6/13
Also use $2/1 Smart Balance eCoupon
Final price: FREE + $1.01 overage!

Thanks, Amy!

Buy a Schick Hydro Razor for $6.58
Use the loaded $4/1 Hydro Razor eCoupon
Also use $5/1 SS 6/13
Final price: FREE + $2.42 overage!

WOW! Use the overage amounts to pay for your other groceries- these are sweet!

Thanks, Our Thrifty Ideas Become One!

Also, if you haven't used your Schick Hydro Rebate yet, you can submit this printed Schick Hydro Rebate and get $6.58 back! That makes the razor deal a $9.00 moneymaker! I personally love getting FREE things and making money at the same time, how about you?

New July Coupons! Kix Cereal & more!

I love Kix cereal! There are new .75/1 Kix cereal coupons on and Smartsource coupons! Check out the other new coupons and check to see if your favorites are still there for the new month of July!

Here are some new ones that I noticed:

.45/6 Yoplait Yogurts

.55/1 Pillsbury Big Deluxe Cookie Dough

$1/1 Pillsbury Sweet Moments Refrigerated Desserts

$1/2 Campbell's Chunky Soups

$1/1 Lactaid Milk

Wednesday, June 30 Reset!

Some of your favorite coupons on may have reset for July already! Check to see if your favorites are reset! These are the just some of the coupons that are available again:

Thanks, Coupon Katarina!

York Prints- 2 cent sale!

York Prints is having a 2 Cent Print Sale! Just enter the code PRINTSFOR2 at checkout. This offer expires on July 6, so this is the perfect way to get your 4th of July pictures printed for cheap!

I Love York Prints, they also have 40 FREE prints for signing up and FREE shipping on orders of more than 75 prints. You may need to use these promos separately, but they are all fantastic offers!

Got Expired Coupons?

If you're like me, your coupon binders/organizers/inserts are full of expired coupons. Lots of coupons from the newspaper inserts expire at the end of the month.

Don't just throw them out! You can donate your expired coupons to military families serving overseas. They can use them for 6 months past the expiration date!

Give your expired coupons a new life and give back at the same time! Go over to to get an updated list of military bases to mail your coupons to.

This is just another way to give back with your coupons! You can donate your extra items to shelters (I have more than enough deoderant, body wash, and razors). Donate your newspapers to the local schools- they get paid per pound for recycling papers! And, donate your expired coupons to the military! It's a very patriotic thing to do this weekend!

18 FREE Baby Genius Songs!

Get 18 FREE songs to download from Baby Genius! You will be asked to take a survey at the link. Whether you participate or not, you still get the FREE music!

Thanks, Freebies 4 Mom!

FREE cookbook & super cheap chicken!

Get a FREE chicken cookbook and Gold 'N Plump chicken for cheap!

Fresh Market has Gold'n Plump Chicken on sale this week for $1.67 a package! That's the packages of Chicken Drums, Thighs, or Wings 23-24 oz.
Use the $1/1 SS 6/20 coupon
Or use $1/1 Gold'n Plum Chicken printable coupon
Final price: 67 cents!

If you want the Split Chicken Breasts 20 oz. packages, those are on sale for $2.33 each. Use the above coupons and your chicken breasts are only $1.33 each!

If you buy 3 packages of Gold'n Plump chicken, you can send for a
FREE chicken cookbook! Get the details on how to send for the FREE cookbook, a $20 value!

Thanks, Tight Wad in Utah!

My advice: Get a Newspaper Subscription

You never know when a Super Coupon Event is going to happen, just like this last one at Smith's. They had a Super Coupon Event for 3 days in May and for 7 days in June! The more papers you have, the more coupons you will have, and the more FREE & cheap items you'll be able to get for your family! You will be able to stock up when prices are rock bottom.

There's never been a better time to get your newspaper subscription! When I first told you about the
Salt Lake papers promotion, I thought that the longest this promotion would last was for a few weeks. But... surprise, surprise, this cheap papers promotion is extending into July! Sweet!

It's super easy to get set up with a newspaper subscription, just make a phone call to Debbie at 801-344-2923, that's it! She'll get your information and you'll start getting your papers THIS weekend. Even if you already have a subscription to the Salt Lake newspapers, you can add to your subscription for only $39 for the whole year! I have
information on other paper programs as well, like the Daily Herald in the Utah county area that has a Red Plum in EVERY SUNDAY PAPER! I'm seriously jealous of that one.

I don't work for the papers, but I have negotiated these cheap subscription deals for YOU! Be sure to tell Debbie that Heather told you about this deal so you can get this amazing discount! $39 for a whole year of papers, WOW!

FREE shampoo & conditioner samples

Get FREE samples of SmoothSmooth Shampoo & Conditioner. These are from the latest line from Erik Prautsch’s Hair Triggered products. These are new to me, are they new to you, too?

Thanks, Maven of Savin'!

FREE Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!

Do a good deed and get FREE Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream for you and 5 friends! There are 2 yummy flavors to choose from: Berry Voluntary or Brownie Chew Gooder!

Here is what you need to do:

1. Sign up on
Volunteer Match, choose a way to volunteer.
2. Check your e-mail for your FREE ice cream coupon.
3. Hand out FREE ice cream coupons for 5 friends!

Thanks, Miami Mommy Savings!

Smith's Deals 6/30-7/6

The Daytona 500 Event is still on! Save $3.00 at checkout when you buy 10 participating items! No limit!

Huggies Diapers 19-50 ct. $8.99
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
$3/1 Huggies Diapers printable coupon
Final price: $5.69!
Or use
$4/2 Huggies Diapers printable coupon
Final price: $6.69
Also available: $1.50/1 SS 6/20

Pampers Kandoo Wipes $1.79
Use $1/1 P&G 4/4
Or use
$1/1 Kandoo Wipes printable coupon
Final price: 79 cents!

Betty Crocker Brownie Mix 19.5-26.7 oz. $1.99
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
$1/2 Betty Crocker Brownies printable coupon (Print 2)
Or use .75/2 SS 5/30
Also use
.75/2 Betty Crocker Brownies eCoupon
.75/2 Betty Crocker Brownies eCoupon
.75/2 Betty Crocker Brownies eCoupon
Final price: 81-94 cents each!

Pam Cooking Spray 5-6 oz. $2.49
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Use .50/1 SS 6/20
Final price: $1.69

Bakery Cinnamon Rolls 8 ct. $1.99!
Price with in ad coupon

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 8-10 ct. $1.99
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks printable coupon
Or use
.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks printable coupon
Also use
.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks eCoupon
.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks eCoupon
.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks eCoupon
+ Buy 5 or more & Get a $3.50 catalina coupon on your next order
Final price: As low as 49 cents each!
(Catalina good on Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Gushers, Roll-ups or Roll-ups Stickerz ONLY)

Hunts Manwich 99 cents
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Final price: 69 cents!

Kelloggs Pop Tarts 12 ct. $2.29
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Use $1/2 RP 6/13
Or use
$1/2 Pop Tarts printable coupon
Final price: $1.49 each

General Mills Cereal 10.9-18 oz. $2.29
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Use $1/2 SS 5/30
Also use
.55/1 Cocoa Puffs eCoupon
Or use
.75/1 Golden Grahams eCoupon
Or use
.75/1 Multigrain Cheerios eCoupon
Also use
.55/1 Cocoa Puffs or Cinnamon Toast Crunch eCoupon
Or use
.55/1 Trix or Cinnamon Toast Crunch eCoupon
Or use
.75/1 Cheerios eCoupon
Final price: 74-94 cents each!
+ Buy 3 Frosted or Banana Nut Cheerios and get a $1.50/3 General Mills cereal catalina coupon

Lays Kettle Chips 8.5-11 oz. $1.88!

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 8 ct. $1.49

Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Use .75/3 SS 5/30
Or use
.75/3 Grands printable coupon
Final price: 94 cents!

Minute Maid Fruit Punch All Varieties 64 oz. $1.00!

Kroger Brand Orange Juice All Varieties Gallon $1.99!

Kroger Brand Dips 16 oz. 88 cents!

Kroger Brand Cottage Cheese 16 oz. 88 cents!

Kroger Brand Sour Cream 16 oz. 88 cents!

Smiths Large Eggs Grade AA Dozen 99 cents!

Silk Pure Almond Milk 64 oz. $2.50

Use $1.25/1 SS 4/11
Final price: $1.25!

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze 32 oz. $2.50
Use $1/1 SS 5/23
Also use
.55/1 Blue Diamond eCoupon
Final price: 95 cents!
Also available:
.50/1 Blue Diamond printable coupon

Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice 59-64 oz. or 6 pk. $2.99
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
$1/1 Tropicana printable coupon
Final price: $1.69!

Breyers Ice Cream 48 oz. $2.27
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Use .75/2 SS 6/27
Final price: $1.60!

Kroger Brand Cheese Blocks/Shreds $1.25
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Final price: 95 cents!

Cool Classics Pops Twin or Swirl 9-12 ct. 78 cents!

Totinos Pizza Rolls 15 ct. $1.25
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Use .35/1 SS 5/30
Or use
$1/2 or .50/2 Totinos printable coupons
Final price: As low as 45 cents each!

Totinos Party Pizza 9.8-10.9 oz. $1.25
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Use $1/5 SS 5/30
Or use
$1/2 or .50/2 Totinos printable coupons
Final price: 45-75 cents each!

Banquet Chicken 24-32 oz. $3.99
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Final price: $3.69!

Banquet Brown n Serve Sausage 6.4-7 oz. 99 cents
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Final price: 69 cents!

Kraft Cool Whip Select Varieties 8 oz. $1.29
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Use .20/2 SS 6/27
+ Buy 4, get a $2.00 catalina
Final price: 39 cents each!

Banquet Entrees 5-10.25 oz. 99 cents
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Final price: 69 cents!

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn 3-13 oz. $1.99
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
$1/1 Orville Redenbacher popcorn printable coupon
Final price: 69 cents!

Shedds Country Crock Spread 45 oz. 1.99
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
.40/1 Country Crock printable coupon
Final price: $1.29

Oscar Mayer Weiners 16 oz. $1.79
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Use $1/2 SS 5/16
Or use
$1/2 Oscar Mayer printable coupon
Final price: 99 cents each!

Ball Park Meat Franks 16 oz. $1.50
.75/2 Ball Park printable coupon
Also use
.75/1 Ball Park eCoupon
Final price: 75 cents each!

Land 'O Frost Premium Lunchmeat 16 oz. $2.99
$1/1 Land 'O Frost printable coupon
Or use .55/1 RP 4/25
Final price: $1.99-$2.44!

Rib Eye Steak Bone In, Super Value Pack $4.88/lb.

Cherries New Crop, Northwest $1.99/lb.!

Russet Potatoes 10 lbs. $1.49!

Carefree Liners 22 ct. $1.00
Use $1/1 SS 4/25
Final price: FREE!
.50/1 Carefree printable coupon
Final price: 50 cents!

Dial Liquid Soap Refill 32-50 oz. $3.29
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Use .35/1 RP 6/13
Final price: $2.64

Coppertone Suncare Products 6-8 oz. $5.00
$1/1 Coppertone printable coupon (Print 2)
$1/1 Coppertone printable coupon
Final price: $4.00

Off Insect Repellant 4-6 oz. $5.00
Use $1.50/2 SS 6/20
Get a $2 catalina wyb 2
Final price: $3.25 each!

Shout Laundry Treatment Asst. $2.49
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Use .55/1 peelie (On most Shout products)
+ Buy One Shout product, get $1 catalina
Final price: 64 cents each!

Scrubbing Bubbles Aerosol 22 oz. $2.49
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
Use .55/1 SS 6/13
*Watch for $2/2 peelie coupons!
Final price: $1.19-$1.64!

Windex Glass Cleaner 26 oz. $2.49
Instant 30 cents off each when you buy 10 participating items
$1/1 Windex printable coupon
Or use $1/1 SS 5/9
Final price: $1.19!

Savvy Shopper Deals! Get the complete Smith's shopping list!

Extra 10% off Swim Passes!

Get an extra 10% off City Deals Water Parks deals today through July 3! WOW! These are already *HOT deals and this makes them even sweeter!

Get a now
60% off water parks gift certificates for your summer break when you enter the code JULY4 at checkout! Enjoy!

Macey's Deals 6/30-7/6

Propel Bottles 24 oz. 38 cents!
Use in-ad coupon and purchase 10

Gatorade Drink 32 oz. 48 cents!
Use in-ad coupon and purchase 10

7 Up Soft Drink 12 pk. 12 oz. $2.50!
Use in-ad coupon and purchase 4

A&W Soft Drink 12 pk. 12 oz. $2.50!
Use in-ad coupon and purchase 4
(Watch for $1/2 Peelie Coupons!)

Lawry's Marinades Assorted 12 oz. 98 cents
.50/1 Lawry's Marinade printable coupon
Final price: 48 cents!

Western Family Black Olives Medium or Large 6 oz. 88 cents!

Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel 7-10 oz. $1.94
Use .75/1 SS 6/27
Final price: $1.19

Nalley Dill Pickles 46 oz. $1.88
Use .75/1 SS 5/23
Or use
.75/1 Nalley printable coupon
Final price: $1.13!

Park City Artesian Water 24 pk. pint $1.99

Shasta Soft Drinks 24 pk. 12 oz. $2.98

M&M's Candies 1.69-2.05 oz. 48 cents
Use BOGO M&M's pretzel candies FREE RP 6/27
Final price: 24 cents each!

Twizzlers Licorice Assorted 12-17.6 oz. $1.48
Use $1/3 SS 6/27
Final price: $1.15 each

Dole Canned Pineapple 20 oz. 98 cents
Use .50/2 SS 6/27
Final price: 73 cents each

General Mills Cereal Chex, Original or Multi Grain Cheerios, Golden Grahams, Kix, or Cocoa Puffs 8.7-14 oz. $1.89
Use $1/2 SS 5/30
Final price: $1.49 each

Snyders Pretzels 11.5-14.2 oz. $1.88
Use $1/1 SS 5/23
Final price: 88 cents!

Doritos Chips 11.5-14.12oz $1.88

Don Julio Tortilla Chips 10 oz. 88 cents

Kraft Salad Dressing Pourable Asst 12-16 oz. $1.58
Use $1/1 SS 6/20
Final price: 58 cents!

Reese Croutons Assorted Varieties 6 oz. 68 cents!

Nabisco Snack Crackers All Varieties 5.5-10 oz. $1.67

Use in-ad coupon and purchase 3
Use $1/2 SS 5/16
Final price: $1.17 each
Or use
$1/1 Wheat Thins printable coupon
Final price: 67 cents!

Sunny D Citrus Drink 64 oz. 99 cents
Use .25/1 SS 5/9
Or use
.25/1 Sunny D printable coupon
Final price: 74 cents!

Western Family Biscuits Buttermilk or Homestyle 7.5 oz. 10ct 28 cents!

Western Family Eggs Large Grade AA dozen 89 cents!

Western Family Cheese Medium Cheddar 2 lb. $3.99

Otter Pop Fruit Coolers Assorted 8 oz. 25 cents!

Meadow Gold Twin Pops Assorted 18 ct. 98 cents

Dubuque Half Ham Bone In Spiral Sliced $1.49/lb.

Ribeye Steaks Bone In $4.98/lb!

Solo Plates Heavy Duty 22-44 ct. $2.00
Use $1/1 SS 6/20
Final price: $1.00!
Or use
.75/1 Solo products printable coupon (Print 2)
Final price: $1.25!

Seedless Watermelon 17 cents/lb.!

Corn on the Cob 20 cents each!

Tomatoes Hydroponic 79 cents/lb.!

Red Bell Peppers 79 cents each

Athenos Hummus Select Varieties 7 oz. $2.50
BOGO FREE Athenos Hummus printable coupon
Final price: $1.25 each!

Savvy Shopper Deals! Get the complete Macey's shopping list.

How much money did YOU save?

How was your week at Smith's? I didn't get everything on my shopping list (the Bounty paper towels eluded me again!) but I must say I really enjoy getting lots of groceries for FREE and cheap! Phew- that was fun! I like to treat coupon shopping like a game, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Mostly... YOU WIN BIG with all the money saved!

I need to also insert here that I've heard from a lot of you about the P&G eSaver coupons not coming off at checkout. The same thing happened to me last night. So, you can send them a message or call them at 1-888-818-0540 and they will credit your card so that the coupon amounts will come off at your next trip at Smith's. Oh, yes, I'll be back- now I have catalina coupons to spend, too!

I heard from some of you about your awesome coupon trips. Here are a few- oooh, it makes me so excited!

First, from Deanne:

"Thanks for all the work that you do on your blog. My shopping trip last night was great!!! My total came to $51.63 and I ended up spending $7.47 and received a $3.50 Catalina. I went back this morning and they were re-stocked on a few things that they didn’t have last night. This Smiths is always really friendly and very courteous when I’ve been there to use coupons and usually has most items."

And, from Haley:

"I ... got tons of stuff and saved a lot of money! I got the following:

Best Foods Mayo
2 boxes Cheerios
3 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch
2 boxes America's Best Penne pasta
40 oz box Bisquick
2 bottles Windex cleaner
2 boxes Betty Crocker brownies
2 bags goldfish
1 box Cascade dish soap
1 loaf Sara Lee bread
1 box Pop Tarts

Total before coupons= $47.17
Total after coupon= $22.20 (66%)

That is almost the same as my shopping trip from Wednesday where I spent $18.98 and saved $22.09 (69%)! I'm really excited and I got so much stuff for so cheap!"

(Click on her receipt to see the savings details!)

And from Amy....
"Dear Heather,
I wanted to share my awesome shopping day with you. I spent a total of $11.84, and received $9.50 back in RR.
I purchased the Body Wash, Carefree liners, and benadryl pens from wal-mart for $1.99
I purchased the trident gun, and 10 totinos pizza at Smiths for $1.97, I did use a $4.50 RR I received from Walgreen's at Smith's, my Smith's lets me do that so the total before the RR would have been $6.47
I purchased the razor and old spice body wash, and bic lighters from Walgreens for $7.88
I got all 5 of the flashlights FREE from Harbor Freight.

I was so excited I could hardly stand it. If I added back the RR I spent at Smith's and subtracted the other RR I received from Walgreens then my total out of pocket would have been, $6.47. YAY!!! I could hardle believe it, and my hubby has given me multiple kisses and high fives.

Thank you Heather for all of your help with understanding couponing and saving my family so much money, you are awesome!!!


WOW! These are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us, ladies. I love stories about saving tons of money- the crazy thing, is.... this happens every week! If you're new here, get ready for an amazing journey of saving tons of money and spending tiny amounts for items that you use everyday! It doesn't even need to be a super coupon event like Smith's had this week. We're having a blast saving money every week of the year!

Tuesday, June 29

FREE Tresemme & John Frieda products!

Grab these for FREE in the travel size section at Wal-mart:

Tresemme Hair Gel 2 oz. 97 cents
$1/1 Tresemme printable coupon
$1/1 Tresemme printable coupon (Print 2)
Final price: FREE!

John Freida Finishing Spray $1.47
$2.50/1 John Freida printable coupon
(Cashier will adjust coupon.)
Final price: FREE!

Thanks, Savvy Shopper Deals!

FREE entree at Famous Dave's!

'Like' Famous Dave's on Facebook and get a Buy One Entree, Get One Entree FREE coupon via e-mail! The coupon will be sent around July 6th, and will be good to use July 6-13, up to $15!

As you can see, this offer is for the first 100,000 fans- you should have plenty of time to grab this one- at least a few hours!

Thanks, Coupon Pro!

High Value Clorox Coupons

Get some new HIGH value coupons for Clorox! Print 2 of each:

$1.50/1 Clorox 2 packs printable coupon

FREE Clorox Liquid Bleach with the purchase of Clorox 2 product 45 oz. or more printable coupon

$2/1 Clorox 2 Stain Fighter and Color Booster printable coupon

Thanks, Koupon Karen!

NEW link- $1.50/1 Wheatables Crackers!

Another new link for $1.50/1 Wheatables! This coupon may be used for any Wheatables crackers or Nut Crisps. Watch for a sale and get your boxes low as 49 cents each!

$1.50/1 Wheatables Crackers or Crisps (IE-Print 2)
$1.50/1 Wheatables Crackers or Crisps (FF-Print 2)

Thanks, Cuckoo for Coupon Deals!

.75/1 Mission Tortillas Coupon!

Print a .75/1 Mission Tortillas Coupon! These sometimes go on sale for just $1.00, so you could potentially get a pack of 25 cent tortillas!

Thanks, Rose Knows Coupons!

NEW Cellfire coupons!

Get 9 new Cellfire coupons! Just click and they are instantly added to your Smith's card. Add them all, there's no penalty if you don't use them and they will be there when you need them!

These are the new coupons available:
.50/1 Nature Valley Granola Thins
Stack with
.75/1 Nature Valley Granola Thins printable coupon

$1/1 Yoplait Delights Yogurts
Stack with
$1/1 Yoplait Delights Yogurts printable coupon
Or with .50/1 SS 5/16

$1/1 Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters
Stack with
$1/1 Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters printable coupon
Or with
$1/1 Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters printable coupon
Or with
$1/1 Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters printable coupon

.50/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars
Stack with
.40/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars printable coupon
Or use .75/2 SS 5/30

.75/1 Multigrain Cheerios
Stack with $1/2 SS 5/30

.55/1 Cocoa Puffs
Stack with $1/2 SS 5/30

.75/1 Golden Grahams
Stack with $1/2 SS 5/30

.50/1 Betty Crocker Warm Delights
Stack with .75/1 SS 6/27
.50/1 Betty Crocker Warm Delights printable coupon
.50/1 Betty Crocker Warm Delights printable coupon

Remember that this is the last day of the super coupon event at Smith's! All paper coupons will be rounded up to $1 off, but eCoupons stay the same. Enjoy your new coupons!

New coupons to print: Welch's juice, Dole coleslaw, Eggos!

Coupons Inc.

*HOT new coupons available on!

.75/1 Welch's refrigerated juice
(Means $1 off at Smith's today, or double it at Family Fresh Foods!)

$1/2 Kellogg's Leggos Waffles at Target
Leggos are on price cut again for $1.75 a box!

.75/1 Dole All Natural Creamy Coleslaw
Good at Smith's! That means this will also be $1 off today!
I love coleslaw in the summer- yay for another healthy coupon!

Other High value cleaning coupons available:
$3/1 Green Works Laundry Detergent
$2/1 Green Works Laundry Detergent
$1/1 Green Works Cleaning and Laundry Products
$1/1 Green Works Diswashing Liquid

Remember that the end of the month is tomorrow- so
print all the coupons you like today! They will either reset on Thursday or disappear!

Giveaway from Jilly Bean Things!

This week's Savvy Sister Shops giveaway is sponsored by Jilly Bean Things! Jilly Bean Things are handmade items by Jill Collier. She seriously has the cutest etsy shop ever! I love the handmade pillows and bags!

These items you see pictured here are just a sample of the items the
Jilly Bean Things offers. If you win this Savvy Sister Shops giveaway- you get to choose any Jilly Bean Things item you want!

So go over and visit
Jilly Bean Things, and look at her beautiful handmade items. Come back here and leave a comment on which item may be your favorite (it's going to be hard, trust me)-and that's your first entry to win a FREE item from Jilly Bean Things! Don't worry, though, if you are the winner and you change your mind, that's no problem, you can tell Jill later which item you want for sure.

For extra entries to win a FREE item from
Jilly Bean Things, you can do the following:

2. 'Like'
Savvy Sister Shops on Facebook or tell me if you already do!

3. Be a follower of Savvy Sister Shops, just click the 'Follow' button on the right side of this page.

4. Post a link to your favorite deal from Savvy Sister Shops on Facebook, or e-mail one out to all your friends. The extra 15% off City Deals promo would be a great one to share with everyone!

Remember that the #1. entry is to go to
Jilly Bean Things and just let me know which item would be your favorite.

I will announce the winner of the Jilly Bean Things giveaway on Friday at 11:00 a.m. Don't miss your chance to win such a fun giveaway!

FREE toothpaste at Smith's!

Yet another FREEbie at Smith's! Colgate toothpaste is just $1.00, use your .75/1 SS 6/27 coupon (it's good for any Colgate toothpaste) and get your toothpaste for FREE!

Today is the last day of the coupon event, so you'll have to hurry! If you miss it today, it will be 25 cents tomorrow....

Thanks, Savvy Shopper Deals!

FREE meal from Chick-Fil-A!

This one always cracks me up! Dress like a cow on July 9- that's next week on Friday, and get a FREE chicken meal at Chick-Fil-A!

Don't have a cow costume? No problem! Just download a "
cow costume packet" and get some spots, tail, etc. printed up and attach them to your clothes! And please, take some pictures so we can see, okay?

Thanks, Cuckoo for Coupon Deals!

City Deals Exclusive Offer!

*If you tried the code FACEBOOKFAN this morning and it wasn't working, please try again! City Deals fixed it so you can get your extra 15% off!

City Deals has an exclusive offer for my friends (that's you) and family today only! You can get another 15% off ANY City Deals gift certificate today until midnight! Just head over the City Deals, choose your favorite gift certificate or gift certificates and enter the code FACEBOOKFAN at checkout to get another 15% off eating out and fun passes.

Here are some ideas of the kinds of deals you can get with this promotion:

$10.20 for a Cherry Hill Combo Pass- normally $24.00!

$11.90 for an All Day Swim Pass at Cherry Hill- normally priced at $17.00 each.

Get 2 All Day Cowabunga Bay Passes for $19.98!

$10.63 for a $25 Sparetime Family Fun Center in Roy.

$10.63 for a $25 Rod Works gift certificate!
(I know a lot of ladies that love Rod Works!)

These are just a few ideas, there are lots of eating out gift certificates, like
Pepperbelly's in Kaysville, Pizza Factory in Ogden ($25 for $10.63!) and more National Deals for those of you that do not live in Utah!

If you're ready to save and extra 15% TODAY just click on the links above and be sure to enter the code FACEBOOKFAN at checkout! This promo code is good until tonight, June 29 at midnight!

Monday, June 28

BBQ Coupons!

Check out these barbeque/picnic coupons on the Betty Crocker site!

$1/1 Kingsford Charcoal
$1/2 or $1/4 Coke Products
$1/2 Dixie Plates & Napkins

They print with a big ad at the bottom, so watch your printer carefully and hit 'Cancel' when you know you have your coupon.

Thanks, Confessions of a Thrify Mama!

FREE Cool Whip at Smith's!

Get FREE Cool Whip at Smith's!

Buy 4 or 5 to get them for FREE! (Just keep them in the freezer.)

Cool Whip Tubs $1.00 each
Use 2 .20/2 SS 6/27 coupons
Get a $2.00 catalina wyb 4
Get a $3.00 catalina wyb 5
Final price: FREE!

If you buy 2, they will be 50 cents each.

Dole Pineapple cans are also a great deal with your new coupons:

Dole Pineapple 8 oz. 79 cents
Use .50/2 SS 6/27
Final price: 29 cents each!

Thanks, Tight Wad in Utah!