Saturday, April 3

How to find unadvertised deals and FREE clearance items

I've been asked how I find unadvertised deals and FREE clearance items, etc. with my coupons. The answer is: be organized!

Here's a glance at my coupon binder. It is organized into categories. This is the easiest way to find a coupon at the store. I cut all my coupons and organize them into the following categories:

Canned (This could be divided into several sub-categories.)
Feminine Hygiene
Misc. (Candles, batteries, etc.)

Make whatever categories work best for you! I have much more to share on this subject, but I'll do that in following posts. If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me an e-mail!

Kmart FREE doubles possibilities

These are some possible FREE Kmart doubles ideas... I will know more starting on Monday!

Reach Floss $1.49 and $1.69
Use $1/1 RP 1/3
Final price: FREE!

Right Guard Total Defense 5 $2.50
Use $1.50/1 printable (Print 2 and use on 2 separate days)
Final price: FREE!

Soft Scrub Total Kitchen Cleaner, Sale $2.99
Use $1.50 RP 3/7
Final price: FREE!

Bayer Aspirin (baby aspirin in pink box) $1.99
Use $1/1 printable
Final price: FREE!

Stayfree Pads $3.99
Use $2/1 RP 3/28
Final price: FREE!

Bic Silky Touch or Twin Select 10 pk $3.49
Use $2/1 SS 3/28
Final price: FREE!

Please share your FREE Kmart possibilities too!

Thanks, A Full Cup!

1200 FREE prints from Arts Cow!

After posting the FREE prints offers yesterday, my friend sent me the link to this great deal: Arts Cow offers 1200 FREE photo prints to new account holders! WOW!

The site says that Terms and Conditions apply, and you do not get the 1200 FREE prints all at once. Check it out!

This is a really sweet find! Thanks, Shelley!

Just for fun....

My 9-year old has noticed my love of coupons (really!?),
and made these custom coupons just for me!

I love the bar codes!

Super Strawberry Sales!

Mmmm... great news for strawberry lovers!

I've had several readers report that strawberries at Wal-mart are at super low prices, around 88-98 cents/lb.! Also, check out the cream cheese prices while you're there, Great Value 8 oz. bricks are as low as 50 cents!

Thanks Savvy Sister readers!

Recipe of the week: German Pancakes

Need an impressive (yet easy) Easter breakfast idea?

German Pancakes
A family favorite!

1 c. milk
1 c. flour
6 eggs
1/4 t. salt
3 T. butter or margarine

Melt butter or margarine in warm oven (while preheating to 400 degrees) in 9 x 13 pan. Beat together milk, flour, eggs, and salt. Pour batter into hot pan, like so:

Bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. The dish will be especially impressive when first taken from the oven. (It turns out differently every time!)

Serve hot with desired toppings: syrup, powdered sugar, cinnamon & sugar, jam or jelly, fruit and cream. We chose strawberries, raspberries, and powdered sugar for the photo shoot.


Friday, April 2


Please excuse me for missing this week's SUPER FRUGAL FRIDAY VIDEO! I got miserably sick in the middle of the week and am still recovering!

Instead of a SUPER FRUGAL video, here's a SUPER FRUGAL tip! I know that a lot of you will be rotating the items in your family's 72-hour kits this weekend. This is a great practice to regularly rotate the food and clothing as the food will become expired, and your children will outgrow the clothing.

Last year, I read a wonderful article about making sure you have enough calories packed in your 72-hour kits. You do not want to be hungry in a high stress situation, and having hungry children will only make a bad situation worse! So, I took the author's advice and started to stash these items in our family's emergency kits:

All these items can be purchased with... guess what? Coupons! There are always nice high value coupons for the energy drinks and bars. Better yet, companies offer the energy bars as FREE samples regularly! Your goal should be to store 9 of these items for each person in your family, in addition to your other stored foods.

Here's the article that changed the way I thought about 72-hour kits:

Adequate Nutrition during an Emergency
by Miriam Blackham Een, Nevada, USA

If you have a three-day emergency supplies kit, does it contain nutrient-dense foods? During perilous times, your body would especially need adequate nutrition. As a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition, I have developed a simple, healthy emergency meal plan for our family. The items should be rotated regularly for best results.

My minimum calorie goal for the three daily meals is 1,200 to 1,500, with 60 to 72 grams of protein and approximately 40 grams of fat, a combination that enhances satiety. The ingredients for each meal plan are simple:

Meal replacements and supplements. Include shelf-stable protein drinks, instant powdered breakfast drinks, powdered milk, and energy bars. You may want to use more than one type. Each should provide 250 calories or more. Look carefully at the labels; snack or cereal bars are not as high in calories and protein.

Dried fruit. Raisins and other dried fruits are good.

Peanut butter. This is a great shelf-stable source of protein. If you have peanut allergies, you could substitute it with another nut butter or small bag of nuts. Or find other shelf-stable protein foods.

Crackers. Include soda crackers or other crackers, preferably whole grain. You could also include granola if you won’t be using peanut butter to spread on crackers.

Drinking water. Ideally you should have about two quarts or almost two liters of water for each person to consume each day. Store what you can comfortably carry in your emergency bag, and add a portable water purifier so you can use available water sources.

Utensils. Include one cup with a lid (to be used as a shaker for mixing powdered meal replacements) and a butter knife.

A sample meal plan for one person for three days would include nine meal replacements plus 1½ cups or a 12-ounce bag of dried fruit, peanut butter to provide at least six two-tablespoon servings, and about 40 saltine crackers or another cracker equivalent.

Calculate the food amounts needed for your family and round to the nearest convenient product size that is commercially available, taking care not to round down too much.

These emergency kits are easy to assemble with readily available items. The meal replacements are nutrient dense and fortified with vitamins and minerals so you can reach or approach nutritional adequacy and meet special dietary needs. They don’t need to be heated, and you can easily store everything in a moderate-size duffle bag or backpack. Best of all is the peace of mind in knowing you’ve prepared for your nutritional needs should an emergency evacuation ever occur.

Miriam Blackham Een, “Adequate Nutrition during an Emergency,” Ensign, Oct. 2009, 70–71

Another Kmart Super Doubles Rule!

So, I called Kmart (again) to inquire about their Super
Doubles Week starting Sunday. They offered
one more rule that will be helpful to know:

You can only double one type of coupon per day!

You may still double 5 coupons per day, but they must be
5 different coupons. This is a very handy rule to
know, don't you think? So, stack up your high value
coupons up to $2.00 each and get ready
to shop at Kmart next week! Maybe I'll see a few of you there!

Don't forget to get your
'Rewards Your Way' card before you
head to Kmart. Read more about the rewards card here.

Toys R Us Doorbusters!

Toys R Us has some awesome Doorbuster sales today and tomorrow! Here are some deal ideas:

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head on sale 50%– $3.99
$2/1 printable
Final price: $1.99!

Playskool Busy Basics Lullaby Gloworm on sale 50%– $4.99
$2/1 printable
Final price: $2.99!

LeapFrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set on sale 40%– $10.79
$5/1 printable (Login or register to print this coupon)
Final price: $5.79!

Thanks Hip 2 Save!

Savvy Shopper Deals new NATIONAL site!

Savvy Shopper Deals is an AMAZING resource for coupon shoppers! The Shopping Wizard, the forums and so much more! You may have noticed that I have had their button on my site for awhile.

For those of you that have been to one of my coupon classes, you have already seen this site in action! They originate in Provo, but now are going national! They kicked off their new NATIONAL site today and I think it looks great! And.... look at this: Savvy Sister Shops is one of their
featured bloggers!

So, go
check it out and set your location to the deals in your area!

Congratulations to
Savvy Shopper Deals on your new site!

Sunchips Facebook Freebie!

Become a Facebook fan of Sun Chips and get a FREE song download: Marc Robillard's So Much More! Sweet!

Thanks to Amy at Savvy Shopper Deals!

FREE breakfast at IKEA!

Enjoy a FREE breakfast on IKEA this weekend! The breakfast includes scrambled eggs, bacon and potatoes for FREE! Offer is good Friday April 2-Sunday April 4, 2010. You can't beat FREE! For more information about this offer, read here.

Thanks, A Thrifty Couple!

Super FREE prints!

Super FREEbie photo offers today!

Sign up for a new account with
Kodak Gallery
and get 50 FREE prints!

Sign up with a new account with
Clark Color Labs and get 40 FREE 4 x 6 prints!

Get 25 FREE 4 x 6 prints from
Ritz Pix- just scroll to the bottom
of the page. The button will say
'Sign up Now! Get 25 free 4×6 prints.'

20 FREE 4 x 6 prints available when you sign up with

If you are able to sign up for all 4 offers, that is 135 FREE prints!

for sharing these deals, Cuckoo for Coupon Deals!

FREE coupon classes!

Host a Savvy Sister Coupon Class!

Ready to show your friends and family
what you have learned about coupons?

Or... are you ready to learn even more about coupons?

I am ready to hit the road with my new coupon classes-
please e-mail me at
to set up a class at your home, church or business!

The classes will include the following information:

How to collect coupons

How to organize coupons

Where to find the best deals!

Ways to cut your grocery budget in half or more!

(Who doesn't want to learn how to do that?)

So contact me today and we can set up a custom-made class for you and your guests! It's fun and of course, it's always FREE!

Even MORE new coupons from!

WOW! just keeps rolling out the new coupons!

Available today:

$1/1 Cascadian Farms products (Available at Target)

.30/1 Yoplait Greek Yogurt Cups

$1/1 So Delicious Coconut Milk (This sounds yummy!)

$1/2 Boulder Canyon Potato Chips

.55/1 Drano products

$1/1 Fast Fixin' products

.55/1 Morton's Season-All 8 oz. or larger

$5/1 Hill's Science Diet Dog Food

And, for those of you with pets, there are many pet food coupons available also!

Don't forget, you may print 2 of each!

iSlice under $3!

Thanks to reader, Amy, for spotting this great deal!

You know the FREE flashlight that you can pick up at Harbor Freight Tools? You can also pick up a iSlice for under $3.00 there! The iSlice is priced at only $2.99 at Harbor Freight Tools and you can also use the paper coupon to get it for 20% off! (This coupon is right next to the FREE flashlight coupon!)

This little gadget will make your coupon clipping and cutting even easier! You will probably need a mat or some type of protective covering to protect your table as you use this handy dandy tool. I can't wait to pick one up and try it out!

If you have one of these and have used it for cutting coupons, let us know how it works for you!

Thanks again, Amy!

Awesome Rollback prices at Wal-mart!

Airwick Freshmatic iMotion $5.68
Use $5/1 SS 3/7
Final Price: 68 cents!

Pampers Cruisers w/ Dry Max Jumbo Pack $8.00
Use $2/1 RP 3/14
Final Price: $6.00!

Strawberries $1.25/lb!

Thanks, Cuckoo for Coupon Deals!

Thursday, April 1

NEW juice coupons!

the last time they were available.
Click on 'Beverages' to find them quickly.
Print yours now and watch for a great sale to pair them with!

Thanks, A Thrifty Mom!

Facebook Freebie Frenzy!

Become a fan of Stouffer's on Facebook
and print 2 high value coupons!
$1.50/1 Toasted Sub and $2.50/1 Easy Express Meal

Become a
fan of Digiorno on Facebook and get a $3/1 coupon
for their new item, Pizza & Breadsticks!
Wow, this will make for a super cheap dinner!
(Hint: you can print two from the link at the bottom of the page!)

And... last but not least, become a Facebook fan of Pilot Travel Centers and print a coupon for a FREE 32-oz. drink! I'm guessing a few of us will be on the road this weekend, this coupon will come in handy!

Thanks so much for the heads up on these Facebook freebies,
One Cheap Chick!

Q: Is a newspaper subscription for me?

A: Only if you like FREE stuff!

These are the items I got for FREE with my newspaper coupons last month. I get 5 Sunday copies. The more papers you have = more FREE things! And, I did not get any of these items at Family Fresh Foods- you can get these deals anywhere in Utah!

March tally: (BTW, some items in the pic do not match the numbers in this list- I give lots of FREE things away at my FREE coupon classes!)
7 FREE pouches of Bumblebee tuna (Smith's) Valued at $.97 cents each.
6 FREE Gillette Clinical Deoderant (Target) Valued at $1.99 each.
5 FREE Travel Size Tide (Target or Wal-mart) Valued at $.97 each.
5 FREE Halls Cough Drops (Anywhere) Valued at $1.99 each.
5 FREE bags of 12 Schick razors (Wal-mart) Valued at $1.97 each.
1 FREE Visine (Anywhere- Utah County subscribers could have 5 of these for FREE with their Red Plum inserts!) Valued at $1.99 each.
5 FREE Travel Size Clean & Clear Face Scrub (Target) Valued at $.97 each
1 FREE John Frieda Shampoo (Target) Actually made 52 cents with $3/1 coupon! Item was on clearance for $2.48!

Cover Girl Face makeup (Rite Aid) Total value: $106.74

Can you see how the small amount you pay for papers each month pays you back BIG TIME? I would not go without my newspaper subscription, no matter how poor I may be! It pays for so much of what I use everyday! I consider it a small investment for what I get back each and every month.

So total for the month of March= paid $19.99, got back $157.21!

Total payback for March = $137.22.
And this does not even include all the cheap and discounted items I received with my newspaper coupons!

These deals were made at Smith's and Rite Aid when I used Buy One Get One FREE coupons from the Proctor & Gamble coupons:
Spent $6.78 and got $24.54 in FREE products! Total payback= $17.76! This almost paid for my month's worth of papers alone.

So, don't wait! You know I'll have another pile of FREE stuff from April's coupons, right? Don't miss out! I will let you know of EVERY deal so that you can CA$H in with your newspaper coupons!

To order the Salt Lake papers:
Call Debbie at 801-344-2923 or Ben at 801-344-2902 and mention my name: Heather

To order the Daily Herald: Call 801-375-5103 and tell them that Heather sent you!
Like I mentioned, you lucky people get all the regular coupons (SmartSource, Proctor & Gamble, and General Mills) + a RED PLUM in every paper! 5 copies every Sunday is only $21.82/month! (This paper available in Utah county areas, down to Nephi and up to Park City and Heber!)

And, there's the newspaper deal I receive: The Standard Examiner available to residents of Davis, Weber and Box Elder county areas. $19.99/month for 5 Sunday copies + a daily paper! Call Dave at 625-4448 and again tell him that Heather sent you!

Don't miss out in April! Call today and get your coupons delivered to your door on Sunday!

FREE Dove Men's Body Wash!

Get your own FREE sample of Dove Men+ Care Body Wash. Get it for your husbands, ladies! They will thank you, besides who doesn't like FREE?

Free Stuff Times!

Tons of FREEbies for expectant Moms!

Attention Expectant Moms! (Or if you know someone expecting a new baby.) Set up a new baby registry account at Target and get an AWESOME bag full of freebies and coupons!

Here is what's in the bags:
Package of 2 Huggies Newborn diapers
Package of 1 size 1 Pampers diaper
Travel size Johnson bedtime bath
$20 gift card to Shutterfly

+ Target Coupons: (These may be stacked with manufacturer's coupons!)

$1/1 Jumbo pack or larger Luvs diapers
$1/1 Pampers wipes (excl. trial size)
$1/1 Target Cafe purchase of $1 or more
$2/1 Gerber purchase of $10 or more – Baby food or Graduates
$2/1 Johnson spf 40 baby daily face and body lotion
$2/1 Jumbo pack or larger Pampers
$3/1 Gilligan & O’Malley nursing bra or tank
$3/1 Purchase both Pampers baby wipes and diapers (excl. trial size)
$5/1 8 pk. 2 fl. oz. Simiilac Advance EarlyShield ready to feed bottles
$1.50/1 Jumbo pack or larger Huggies Diapers
$1/1 98 ct. or larger Huggies wipes
$1/1 California baby toiletry e
xcl. trial size
$1/1 Johnson baby care product – Bath or Lotion (excl. travel size and buddies products)
$1/1 Johnson or Desitin baby care product – Hair care, powder, baby
oil or diaper rash ointment (excl. trial size and buddies products)

$5/1 20 oz. or larger Enfamil powder formula
$5/1 24 oz. or larger Gerber Good Start powder infant formula
$5/1 purchase of both Pampers jumbo pack or larger diapers and 420 ct. or larger wipes
$6/1 Gerber Good Start powder infant formula
$20 off Medela electric breast pump
$75/1 Aveeno baby toiletry excl trial size

5% off Brightstarts ingenuity product
.75/1 Johnson or Desitin baby toiletry excl. trial size and buddies

Huggies coupons:

.75/1 any package of Huiggies wipes (64ct or larger)
$3/1 any package of Huggies Pure and Natural diapers
$2.50 any Huggies package of diapers

Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom!

Sweet cereal catalina deal at Smith's!

Buy 4 boxes of Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles at Smith's and get a $3.00 catalina off your next purchase! Wow! Also, you can use your $1/2 SS 3/14 coupons to make this deal even sweeter!

Your transaction will look like this:
Buy a combination of 4 boxes of Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles On sale: $1.50 each
Use 2 $1/2 SS 3/14 coupons
Get a $3 catalina coupon off your next order
Final price: 25 cents each!

To get another $3 catalina coupon, just repeat this transaction! Make sure that you do not buy all 8 boxes in one transaction, or you will only get one $3 catalina. Also, do not use your catalina coupon to pay for the cereal or the next catalina will not print.

Thanks, Freebies 2 Deals!

P.S. My favorite way to use coupons at Smith's is in the self-checkout. So, if you havea smaller transaction and coupons to use- go to the self-checkout! I'm serious! They never hassle me about coupons there, they are helping at least 4 people check out at a time and they always take ALL my coupons- try it out!

NEW April coupons!

April coupons have reset!

Meaning... even if you printed coupons yesterday, you can print more today!

Guess what is still on the April coupon list?

$2/1 Nivea body wash
(Kmart doubles, anyone?)
Other favorites:

$1/1 Renu products
(Travel set around $2 at Target!)

$1/1 YoPlus Yoplait Yogurt
($2 at Wal-mart!)

....and lots more! Don't forget, you may print 2 of each!

Wednesday, March 31

FREE photo DVD from RitzPix!

Sign up for a new account with Ritz Pix and get a FREE My Show DVD complete with 50 digital prints and 1 minute of video- April 1 only! This is their April Fools gift to new customers!

You will need to pay $1.99 shipping, but the DVD is completely FREE! And, it only takes 3-10 days to receive.

Thanks, Bargain Divas!

FREE sample Head & Shoulders Thicker Hair Shampoo

Today must be the day for shampoo samples! Try a sample of Head & Shoulders Thicker Hair formula shampoo here.

Thanks, Head and Shoulders!

Smith's Best Deals 3/31-4/6

Check out these 6 Hour Sale Items:
Saturday, April 3rd from 6:00 a.m. to NOON
Cool Classics Twin Pops 12 ct 79 cents!
Dole Garden Salad 12 oz. 79 cents!
Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream 48 oz. 99 cents!
Big K Soda, 2 liter (Limit 8) 39 cents!

Buy any combination of 4, get $4 off!

Post Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles 11 oz. $2.50
Get instant $1 off each when you buy 4
Use $1/2 SS 3/14
Final price: $1.00 each

Post Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles 11 oz.
Honey Comb 12.5 oz.
Golden Crisp 14.75 oz. $2.50
Get instant $1 off each when you buy 4
Use $1/2 SS 2/28
Final price: $1.00 each

Post Honey Bunches of Oats 13-14.5 oz. $2.50
Get instant $1 off each when you buy 4
Use $1/2 SS 3/14
Final price: $1.00 each

Post Honey Bunches of Oats 13-14.5 oz.
Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles 11 oz.
Shredded Wheat 15-20 oz.
Raisin Bran 20 oz.
Grapenuts Original 24 oz.
Honey Comb 12.5 oz.
Golden Crisp 14.75 oz. $2.50
Use $1/2 SS 2/28
Final price: $1.00 each

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 10 ct. $2.50
Use .75/2 RP 2/14
Final price: $1.13 each

Regular sale items:

Smiths Dozen Eggs Grade AA 99 cents!

Lobster Tail $4.99/lb.!

New York Steak or Roast/Bone In $3.99/lb.

Kroger Cottage Cheese, Kroger Dips, Kroger Sour Cream, 16 oz. 1.00!

Meadow Gold Whipping Cream, half pint 59 cents

Silk Soymilk 64 oz. $2.99
Use $1/1 SS 2/21
Final price: $1.99

Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables 10-12 oz. 89 cents
$1/4 printable (IE)
$1/4 printable (FF)
Final price: 64 cents each!
Or use .35/1 SS 3/21
Final price: 54 cents!
Or use $1/3 RP 3/7
Final price: 56 cents each

Strawberries 1 lb. $1.50

I Cant Believe It's Not Butter, Spread 15 oz. or Spray 8 oz. 98 cents
Use .50/1 RP 3/28
Final price: 48 cents!

Lays Potato Chips 10.5-12 oz. 1.99
Use $1/1 SS 3/14
Final price: 99 cents!

Sunny D 64 oz. 79 cents
Use .25/1 SS 2/7
Final price: 54 cents!

Hershey's Easter Candy 9.9-12.6 oz. $3.00
Buy $15 worth of Hershey's Easter Candy Items and get a catalina coupon for $5.00 off your next shopping trip
Use $2/3 SS 3/14
Final price: Buy 6 and use 2 coupons, get $5 catalina= $1.50 each!
Or look for the $1.67 (3/$5) Robin Eggs made by Hershey, buy 9 and use 3 $2/3 coupons, get $5 catalina= 44 cents each!

Wishbone Salad Dressing or Spritzers, 7-16 oz $1.50
Use .75/1 RP 3/28
Or use
.75/1 printable (IE)
.75/1 printable (FF)
Final price: 75 cents!

Pampers Cruisers Sizes 1-6 $8.99
Use $2/1 P&G 2/21
Final price: $6.99

John Freida Shampoo or Conditioner Asst. $4.99
Use $3/1 SS 3/7
Final price: $1.99

John Freida Stylers, asst 4.99
Use $2/1 SS 3/7
Final price: $2.99

Kibbles 'n Bits 16-17.6 lb. bag $9.99
Use $2/1 RP 2/21
Final price: $7.99

FREE sample of Pantene shampoo

FREE samples of NEW formulas of Pantene for Vocalpoint members! They have four different samples to choose from.

Not a
member of Vocalpoint? Don't wait! They have the best samples to share all the time! It's easy and it's FREE!

The very BEST deals at Macey's 3/31-4/6

Dole Pineapple 20 oz. 93 cents
Use .55/2 SS 1/24 or .55/2 SS 3/21
Final price: 66 cents

Western Family Sour Cream 16 oz. 88 cents
Use B1G1 FREE Maceys Budget Buster Coupon
Final price: 44 cents each!

Western Family Dozen Large Eggs Grade AA 97 cents!

Meat Counter Oven Roast Sirloin Tip $1.98/lb.

Ohse Sliced Ham Bone In Smoked $1.28/lb.

Fresh Strawberries 1 lb. $1.48

Nestle Toll House Morsels 10-12 oz. $2.00
.75/1 printable
(The link will say .75/2, but mine printed as a .75/1!)
Final price: $1.25

Western Family Brown or Powdered Sugar 32 oz. $1.25

Stove Top Stuffing 5-6 oz. Asst. $1.18
$1/2 printable (Print two!)
Final price: 68 cents each!

Thanks, Savvy Shopper Deals for some of these great deals!

Tuesday, March 30

Free sample of baby formula!

Get a free sample of Parent's Choice Premium Infant formula. Click here to claim your very own free sample. It's quick and easy too, just type in your name, address, and email address.

Thanks, Free Stuff Times

Are you ready for Kmart doubles week?

Next week is doubles week at Kmart! They are doubling 5 coupons a day, all week, April 4-10. $2 off coupons are doubled to $4 off! You will need to have a Rewards Your Way card or card number in order to participate. If you do not have a Rewards Your Way card, it's easy to get one!

Just fill out an application here, and print a temporary card. The regular cards take several weeks to get by mail. You can use your temporary card next week, or, you can give your registration number or phone number to the cashier at Kmart . They are doing this to track coupons used, so that you may only use 5 a day.

Other features of the Kmart Rewards Your Way card that you may like:

•1% back in rewards on all purchases at Kmart, Sears, Lands'End at Sears, mygofer stores and online

•Spend rewards at Kmart, Sears, Lands'End at Sears, mygofer stores and online

•Rewards are stored on your card-so you can spend them on your next purchase or save them for something special

•A chance to win great prizes with K'Ching Surprises at checkout in Kmart stores

•Earn bonus rewards during exclusive promotions throughout the year

•Get valuable coupons with your card at our pharmacy counter

•Hassle-free returns on purchases in Kmart and Sears stores
  • Plus track your rewards, update account information and get valuable offers at

Thanks for this info, Mindy!

NEW and ongoing deals at Wal-mart!

Reach Floss 55 yds 97 cents
Use $1/1 RP 1/3
Or use
$1/1 printable (Print 2)
Final price: FREE!
(You can also get this item FREE at Target)

10+ 2 Schick Disposable Razors (In orange package) $1.97
Use $3/1 SS 3/21
Final price: FREE! (Cashier will have to adjust coupon)

Starkist Tuna Pouch 2.6 oz 98 cents
$1/1 printable (Print 2)
Final price: FREE!

Mighty Dog Dog Food 5.5 oz 58 cents
Use FREE coupon SS 3/28
Also use $3/5 SS 3/28
Final Price: FREE!
Thanks, Cuckoo for Coupons Deals!

HOT deals under $1!

Guerrero Corn Tortillas 30 ct $1.73
Use $1/1
Final price: 73 cents!

Zone perfect Bars $1.12
Use .55/1 SS 2/28
Or use
B1G1F HERE when you sign up as a VIP
Final price: 57 cents!

Dole Pineapple 20 oz $1.08
Use .55/2 SS 1/24
Final price: 80 cents!

Post Cereal Naturals $2.50
$2/1 printable
Final price: 50 cents!

Franks Red Hot Sauce 5oz 87 cents
.50/1 printable
Final price: 37 cents!

Nalley Pickles 16-24 Oz. Slicers or Spears $1.76-$2.08
Use $1.50/1 SS 1/31
Final price: 26 cents - 58 cents!

Fisher Nut Topping 4 oz $1.88
Use $1/1 SS 12/6 or SS 12/13 or SS 1/10
Final price: 88 cents!

Fleischmanns Yeast Strip $1.04
Use .40/1 SS11/8 or SS 12/6
Final price: 64 cents!

Argo/Kingsford Cornstarch 16 oz. $1.18
Use .40/1 SS 10/4 or SS12/6
Or use .50/1 SS 11/8
Final price: 68 cents - 78 cents!

KY 2 oz $2.74
Use $2/1 SS 1/31
Final price: 74 cents

Diego Bandaids 10 ct $1.18- $1.24
Use $1/1 RP 3/14
Final price: 18 cents-24 cents!

Steamfresh Steamers 12 oz. $1.00
Use .50/1 SS 3/28
Final price: 50 cents each!
Or use
.50/2 printable
Final price: 75 cents each

Sea Pack Poppers 6 oz. $1.58
Use $1/1 RP 3/7
Final price: 58 cents!

Chef's Request Bacon Wrapped Steaks 2 ct $3.58-$3.68
$3/1 printable
Final price: 58 cents- 68 cents each!
Thanks Freebies 2 Deals!

Friskies Cat Treats 2.1 oz $1.48
Or use
$1/1 printable
Final price: 48 cents

Whiska Lickins Cat Treats 3 oz. $1.07
Use $1/2 RP 2/7
Final price: 57 cents

Mighty Dog Canned Dog Food 5.5 oz. 58 cents
Use B1G1 FREE RP 2/21
Final price: 29 cents!
Or use
$2/6 printable
Final price: 24 cents!

Smart Balance sour cream $1.50
Use $1/1 RP 2/14
Final price: 50 cents!

Dannon-O-nino Yogurt Packs $1.97
Use $1/1 SS 3/28
Final price: 97 cents!

Kool-Aid Fun Fizz $1.98
Use $1/1 SS 3/28
Final price: 98 cents!

Dannon Danimals 6 ct $2.00
Use $1/1 SS 2/28
Final price: $1.00!

Other great deals:

Wise Snack Chips $1.66
Use .50/1 printable when you sign up HERE
Final price: $1.16!

Cuties Clementines 3 lb $2.50
Use .55/1 SS 3/14
Final price: $1.95

Del Monte Fruit Chillers 16-18 oz = $2.12
Use $1/1 printable
Final price: $1.12!

Thanks, Savvy Shopper Deals for some of these awesome deals!

NEW coupons- print them while you can!

March is almost over! Print your coupons, they may disappear on April 1st! They will not expire for about a month or so. Don't forget that you may print all of these twice!

**NEW coupons available on

.50/2 Steamfresh Sides vegetable, pasta or rice

.75/1 Darigold 1/2 gallon Lactose Free milk

.50/1 Darigold quart creamer

.40/1 Darigold Sour Cream 16 oz. or 24 oz.

$2/1 Robitussin To Go 10 ct.

Other *HOT coupons to print:

$1/1 Opti-Free Replenish Solution 10 oz. or larger

$25 Rite Aid gift card when you transfer a presription

$4/1 Prevacid 24 hr

$1/1 New York Style Deli Snacks

$1/2 Uncle Ben's Original Converted Rice Products

$1/1 Del Monte Fruit Chillers

$1.50/1 Right Guard Total Defense 5

Super cheap butter at Smith's!

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! 15 oz. tub 98 cents
Use .50/1 RP 3/28
Final price: 48 cents!

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! sticks 1 lb. 98 cents
Use .60/1 RP 3/28
Final price: 38 cents!

Thanks, Savvy Shopper Deals!

More Facebook coupons!

I'm quickly becoming a fan of Facebook coupons! Become a fan of 'Ode to the Comode' on Facebook! This will yield a .75/1 Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner coupon.

Thanks, Maven of Savin'!

Become a
fan of Right Guard on Facebook and print a $1.50/1 coupon for Right Guard Total 5. This may be stacked with the $2/1 Right Guard Rite Aid Video Value coupon. Get this new product for only 99 cents!

Thanks Saving Addiction!

Monday, March 29

You are invited....

Ready to take your coupon skills to the next level?

You are invited to.....

Savvy Sister Coupon Class
Taught by the Savvy Sister, Heather
Tuesday, March 30 at 7 p.m.
671 E. 1200 S. in Kaysville

Included in this class:
  • How to use coupons
  • Collecting and organizing coupons
  • Where to find the best deals
  • How to SAVE your family lots of money!

Please RSVP by e-mail at if you would like to
attend this class in Kaysville on Tuesday night.

The best part of all: it's FREE!

Bring a friend! I'll see you there!

Interested in hosting a Savvy Sister coupon class? Let me know!

**HOT Target deals!

The best deals I see at Target this week:

Clean & Clear Travel size Morning Burst Cleanser 97 cents
Use $1/1 SS 3/28 (Does NOT exclude travel size)
Final price: FREE!

Princess and the Frog DVD $13.99
$5/1 printable
Final price: $8.99
Don't forget about the $5 rebates to use

Leapster Leapster software (Pet Pals & Disney Fairies) $15.00
(Buy 2 to get this deal)
Use 2
$5/1 printable
Use the
$5 off $30 Leapfrog purchase Target coupon
Plus, use 2 $5/1 coupons from here
Final price: $7.50 each!

Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken Soup 4/$3
Use the
$1/2 printable
Final price: 25 cents each!

Birdseye Steamfresh Veggies $1
Use .50/1 SS 3/21
Final cost 50 cents!

Stove Top Stuffing $0.99
$1/2 printable
Final price: 50 cents each!

Life Savers Jelly Beans 14 oz. $1.88
$1/2 printable
Final price: $1.38 each!

Lysol Healthy Touch Starter Kit $9.99
Use $5/1 SS 3/28
Also use
$1/1 Target coupon (“Household” category)
Final price: $3.99!

Swiffer 3 pk Duster 360 starter kit $3.49
Plus, get a Duster Refill kit (FREE with coupon below)
Use B1 Swiffer Starter Kit, G1 FREE Refill coupon from P&G 2/7 (Exp. 3/31)
Final price: $3.49 for both Duster Starter kit and refill!

Scott 12 pk 1,000 Sheet Bath Tissue $7.49
Use the $1/1 coupon from
here or here
Plus, stack with the
$1/1 Target coupon
Final price: $5.49!

Buy $10 or more in Hasbro Games = FREE Scrabble Slam or Monopoly Deal Card Game

Deal Ideas:

Buy Bop It $14
Buy Scrabble Slam or Monopoly Deal Card Game (FREE with purchase of game above)
Use the $3 off Select Hasbro games (Battleship, Connect 4×4 or Bop It!)
Target coupon
Plus, use $5/1 SS 3/21
Final price: $6 for the Bop It! Game and Card Game!

Buy Connect 4×4 $14
Buy Scrabble Slam or Monopoly Deal Card Game (FREE with purchase of game above)
Use the $3 off Select Hasbro games (Battleship, Connect 4×4 or Bop It!)
Target coupon
Plus, use $4/1 SS 3/21
Final cost ONLY $7 for Connect 4×4 and a Card Game!

Thanks, Hip 2 Save!

PLUS- If you got the Spring Target coupons in the mail recently, here are some deal ideas for you. Stack up those coupons!

Oscar Meyer bacon 12-16 oz. $2.79
Use $1.50 printable
Also use .50/1 Target mail coupon
Final price: 79 cents!

Dozen Grade A large eggs 99 cents
Use .50/1 Target mail coupon
Final price: 49 cents!

Kellogg's cereals
Use $1.50/2 printable
Also use $1/2 Target mail coupon
Final price: $1.25 off each!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz. 99 cents
Use .55/2 printable (IE)
or .55/2 printable (FF)
Also use .50/1 Target mail coupon
Final price: 93 cents for 2!

Emerald Nuts 4.5 oz. or larger
Use $1.50/2 RP 3/14
Also use $1/1 Target mail coupon
Final price: $2.50 off 2!

StarKist 2.6 oz. Tuna Pouch 99 cents
Use .50/1 Target mail coupon
Final price: 49 cents!

If you did not receive the Target mail coupons, get on their e-mail list and get them on the next round! You also get more offers when you have a Red Card, I do not have a Red Card, but I still get their mailed coupons.

Rite Aid's BEST 3/28-4/3

Rite Aid $25 Gift Card FREE when you transfer a prescription and with in-ad coupon

Hersheys Easter Bagged Candy 8-10 oz. $1.99
Use $2/3 SS 3/14
Final price: $1.32 each!

Hershey Robins Eggs Candy 10 oz. $1.50
Use $3/2 SS 3/14
Final price: 83 cents each!

Peeps Easter Candy Regular or Sugar Free 3-12 ct. 88 cents!

Rite Aid Bagged Peg Candy Assorted (Regular Retail $1.50)
Buy one get one FREE
Final price: 75 cents each!

Lindt Lindor Truffles Assorted 5.1 oz. $2.50
Use $1/1 SS 1/24
Final price: $1.50

Nestle Crunch Single Serve Candy Assorted 50 cents
Use B1G1 FREE SS 3/7
Final price: 25 cents each!

Rite Aid Tugaboos Diapers & Overnites Assorted Jumbo Pack $6.99
Buy One get $2.00 Single Check Rebate
Final price: $4.99

Royal Gelatin Dessert assorted .32-1.41 oz. 20 cents!

Bic Comfort 3 Advance, Flex 4, Hybrid, or Soleil Disposable Razors 3-6 ct. $4.99
Buy one get $2.00 Single Check Rebate
Use $2/1 SS 3/28
Final price: 99 cents!

Schick Intuition Razor $6.99
Use $4/1 SS 2/28
Final price: $2.99!

Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant Assorted 3-3.5 oz. $2.50
Buy 2 get $2.00 Single Check Rebate
Use 2 $1/1 P&G 2/7
Final price: 50 cents each!

Orajel Baby or Toddler Assorted 1-1.5 oz. $4.29
Buy One Get One FREE sale
Also use 2 $1/1 SS 10/18
Final price: $1.14 each!

Arm & Hammer Childrens Battery Toothbrush Assorted (Estimated retail $6.99)
Buy one get one FREE sale
Use 2 $1/1 SS 12/6
Final price: $2.99 each!
Or use $2.50/2 SS 3/21
Final price: $2.24 each!

Stayfree Maxi Pads assorted 28-48 ct. $3.99
Use $2/1 RP 3/28
Or B1G1 FREE RP 1/3
Final price: $1.99

Clean & Clear Skin Care Assorted (5.5 oz Blackhead, Daily Pore & Face Scrubs Regular retail=$5.69)
Use $2/1 in-ad coupon
Also use
$2/1 printable
Final price: $1.69!
Also use $1/1 SS 3/28
Final price: $2.69

Also available:
Rite Aid $5.00 Rebate #53 (Valid from 03/28/10 to 04/24/10)
Purchase $20.00 of any variety:
• Neutrogena Face, Lip or Eye Cosmetics
• Neutrogena Skin & Bath Products
• Clean & Clear Skincare
• Johnson’s Soft Lotion & Soft Wash, 10-20.3 oz.

Gly-Oxide Liquid Assorted .5 oz. $5.99
Use $2/1 RP 1/10
Final price: $3.99

Zicam Cold, Allergy, Sinus or Flu Assorted $12.48
Buy One Get One FREE sale
Use $2/1 SS 10/25
Or use
$2/1 printable
Final price: $4.24 each!
(If 2 $2/1 coupons are used)

Listerine Agent Blue or Smart Rinse Assorted 500 mL (Estimated retail= $5.29)
Buy One Get One FREE sale
Use a combination of 2:
$1/1 printable (Print 2)
$1/1 printable
$1/1 printable
Or use $1/1 RP 1/3
Final price: $1.64 each!

Loreal Preference Hair Color $6.99
Use $3/1 RP 1/10
Final price: $3.99

Benefiber Fiber Supplement Powder, Tablets, Stick Packs $9.99
Buy One get $2.00 Single Check Rebate
Use $2/1 SS 3/7
Or use
$2/1 printable
+ use
$1/1 Video Values coupon
Final price: $4.99!
Also available: $1/1 SS 3/7

Simply Saline Nasal Care (Regular retail $5.99)
Use in-ad coupon $3/1
Use $1/1 SS 10/18 or $1/1 SS 11/15 or $1/1 SS 1/24
Final price: $1.99!

Prevacid 24 Hour Acid Reducer 42 ct. $25.99
Use $10/1 SS 3/14 or $10/1 SS 3/28
Also use
$10/1 Video Values coupon
Final price: $5.99!

Zyrtec Allergy Relief Regular or D, or Liquigel 24-30 ct. $18.99
Use $2/1 RP 12/6 or $2/1 RP 3/21
Or use
$2/1 printable
Final price: $16.99
Also available:
Register here to earn a $20 Rite Aid certificate with every $75 in Zyrtec & Benadryl purchases
PLUS Rebate #552: Spend $50 in Zyrtec and get a $25 Giftcard
Final price: $5.74 each! (When you buy 4 after rewards and giftcard)

Thanks again, Savvy Shopper Deals! (Click to view the complete Rite Aid shopping list in the Shopping Wizard.)