Friday, November 5

It's Friday! Get your SWAGBUCKS on!

Friday is MEGA SWAGBUCKS Day! Never used Swagbucks? Swagbucks is a search engine, just like Google. You get "points," or in this case, "Swagbucks" when you searching the web. Swagbucks is the only search engine that rewards you for typing in a search on the internet! I like to remind you about Swagbucks on Fridays because your chances of getting even more Swagbucks is significantly higher- it really is a MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY!

My kids actually score a lot of Swagbucks for me when they search for information online for homework assignments. My daughter will call out, "Mom, I got you 7 more Swagbucks!" She knows I love it!

After you've collected 450 Swagbucks, you can trade them in for an $5 gift card! Or, save up your Swagbucks for an even bigger prize- there are so many electronics, toys, etc. to choose from.

I suggest you install the toolbar so you don't miss getting your Swagbucks. Then use it all week long- you might as well get rewarded for doing searches, something you do everyday anyway. Enjoy!

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