Monday, January 17

Eversave: FREE Calendar & FREE Credits!

Vistaprint and Eversave have teamed up to bring you an unbelievable deal! Get a Customized Vistaprint Calendar for only $1 + 50% off all shipping! If you only get the calendar, shipping will be as low as $2.84.

If you're new to
Eversave and sign up for a new account today- you will get an instant $2 credit at Eversave. That makes the calendar FREE and you'll have an extra $1 to spend on a future deal.

Eversave also has one of the most generous referral rates around- tell your friends about this deal and you get $12! The calendar will be FREE for your friends and you will get $12 in Eversave credit! WOW!


Anonymous said...

How do you get to the calendar part. I signed up for the eversave but it doesn't show the calendar???

Heather said...

The calendar deal should be on the sidebar on the right side of the eversave deals page.
Let me know if it's not and I'll find a new link!