Friday, February 4

Kroger: Del Monte Canned Veggies 24 cents!

Del Monte Canned Vegetables are still on sale at Kroger for 24 cents each! The sale price was not advertised in the regular ad this week, but we spotted them last night while shopping. The vegetables are part of the buy 10 items, get $5 off promo. I didn't see any signs near the vegetable cans about a limit this time!

Be sure to buy them in groups of 10 to get this price- buy 10 Del Monte canned vegetables, or include them in your group of Buy 10 get $5 off Kroger items.

We bought 20 more cans last night and we're going to head back and get some more- this is a definite "stock up" price!


Darci said...

Did you use any coupons? If so where? At my Kroger they were 99cents, so with the $5 they were 49 cents. I bought 20 cans as it was still a good deal, so that's why I'm wondering!

Heather said...

No coupons- our Kroger deals must be different this week. Ours were 24 cents only with the buy 10 save $5 promo.
49 cents is still great! Del Monte does release coupons every once in awhile, so I'm sure there will be another stock up deal later sometime this year.