Monday, February 8

I love getting mail!

Wow! I received three freebies in the mail today! A package from Pssst... General Mills, a free calendar from Betty Crocker, and a coupon booklet from Proctor & Gamble.

What was in the package from General Mills?

A full box of Chocolate Cheerios! And, 10- yes 10 $1.25 off coupons! WOW! You've
got to join Pssst... if you haven't already, what an awesome sample!

I hope you are enjoying the free samples you receive in the mail. It makes my day a little more happy each time.

Look at this, my 9-year-old daughter saw this idea in the Betty Crocker calendar and made these for our family tonight. Yogurt parfaits with fruit and cheerios on top! Such a fun combination. And almost FREE with the 39 cent 4 pk. of yogurt I bought today.

(**The $1.25 off coupons for Chocolate Cheerios are meant to be shared with family and friends. I'd like to share them with you! The next 3 people that order my book can e-mail me their mailing address at and I will mail to you 3 $1.25 off coupons for the Chocolate Cheerios, plus a $1 off coupon for Carefree. These will get you a FREE package of Carefree next time you are at Family Fresh Foods and 3 really cheap or possibly FREE boxes of Chocolate Cheerios!)

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