Friday, February 19

Newspaper deal just got a little sweeter!

Remember the awesome deal on papers that I was able to get for Savvy Sister readers? Well, I was able to make it a little sweeter for you guys! Now, when you sign up for the 'SUPER COUPON SPECIAL' you will receive from Savvy Sister Shops a $5 gift card to use at Smith's OR Family Fresh Foods! (You choose!)

Benefits of having the paper delivered to your home:
  • No running to the newspaper dispensers on Sunday, only to pay more for your papers and find the coupons inserts are missing! (I found out that only the leftover inserts are put into the dispenser papers, the Standard Examiner's first priority is getting the coupon inserts to their regular subscribers.)
  • The newspaper coupon inserts are the most reliable source of coupons and account for 70% of coupons used by consumers!
  • The 'SUPER COUPON SPECIAL' is the most economical deal on papers that I have ever seen! Regular subscribers that get one paper every day pay $13 every 4 weeks. At $19.99 a month, you get one paper Monday through Saturday and 5 papers on Sunday. Your papers only cost about 45 cents each! That's less than a regular subscription and your Sunday papers are much more valuable! Look at this: the P&G insert this Sunday has over $73 of savings inside. If you are part of the 'SUPER COUPON SPECIAL' you will be getting 5 of these!

  • You will be able to save even more on the regular items you buy for your household because you have so many coupons delivered to your home each week!
  • Using the coupons inserts will pay you back many times over! For the first month, pay out of your pocket $19.99 and get $5 back instantly with your gift card. Then, if you use only 5 $1/1 coupons at Family Fresh Foods from your Sunday papers, you will have already made your money back! (Of course, you will use many more coupons than this, making your investment in the paper so worth it!) I just consider the $19.99 a month as part of my monthly grocery budget.
  • Stay tuned! If cutting up 5 sets of coupons sounds overwhelming, I am going to show you a QUICK and EASY way to cut up your coupon inserts that doesn't take any more time than it would to cut just one insert! It's such a simple idea, but when I learned how to do it, it saved me so much time!

It's easy to sign up, just call Dave at the Standard Examiner at 625-4448 and tell him that you want the deal that Heather from Savvy Sister Shops told you about. As soon as you sign up, let me know by sending me an e-mail at and I will send your $5 Smith's or Family Fresh Foods gift card today! Remember that your price is locked in, it will not be increasing in the future, and you can cancel your newspaper subscription at any time. This deal is available to all residents in the Davis, Weber, and Box Elder counties!

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