Friday, April 30

SUPER FRUGAL FRIDAY- The possibilities!

This video shows another area of my home that we use for storage: The Bathroom Closet! I'm not trying to brag with these videos. Some of you, I'm sure, are a lot more stocked up than I am. My aim is to show new coupon users the possibilities when you get serious about using coupons. Truthfully, I have built up these storage items a very tight budget.

All the items you will see were either FREE or close to it. I have mentioned before that I am really picky with the deals I get. That is due to the fantastic storage already built up! It allows me to save even more money and also have extra to donate to those in need.

When I started using coupons last summer, I went to Smith's for their double coupon days. I overheard a coupon shopper talking about the FREE things she had picked up that day. "FREE!?" I thought. I honestly didn't know that you could get anything for FREE at the grocery store. Wow, what a ride this last year has been!

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