Saturday, May 29

Tropicana Juicy Rewards- Bonus!

Have you checked your Tropicana Juicy Rewards points balance? I have an extra 9 points! I'm sure you do, too!

On Wednesday, May 26, Tropicana offered a FREE Tropicana juice coupon in exchange for 5 points. I called Tropicana this morning to see where the extra 9 points had come from. They said that they had trouble with their server on Wednesday and not everyone was able to input their address for the coupon to be mailed to.

What does all this mean....? If you were not able to type in your address on Wednesday, you should receive an e-mail and can submit it again. Or, sign into your account and a message will pop up for you to re-submit your mailing address.

All in all, it means that we will still get the FREE juice coupon and everyone just got a "refund" amount of 9 extra bonus points! SWEET! Tropicana knows how to treat us right!

Thanks for the heads up, Who Said Nothing in Life is Free???

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