Thursday, August 19

Circus tickets giveaway ends tomorrow!

So, all 4 sets of 4 FREE circus tickets will be given away TOMORROW! Each ticket package is worth over $100 each and 4 families will win!

I just wanted to remind everyone about a GREAT way to get extra entries for this super giveaway. Everytime you leave the comment "Circus Time" along with a friends name on the Savvy Sister Shops Facebook page- you BOTH get 5 EXTRA entries! And, if picks that entry- both of you win a ticket package! You will EACH receive 4 tickets to the circus!

That means, the more you tell your friends- the chances of you winning a ticket package GREATLY increases. If they leave the comment "Circus Time" with your name on the Savvy Sister Shops Facebook page- again, you both have 5 more entries and if just one of those entries is picked tomorrow- both of you are winners!

So, tell all your friends! Entries are low and sharing this giveaway is easy! See the new buttons at the bottom of this post? You can click and share easily on your blog, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Buzz! It will only take a few seconds to get a lot more entries for these tickets!

I hope this makes sense... please let me know if you have any questions! I'd like to give your family as many chances as possible to win tickets to the circus! What fun!


Katie Ellis said...

I am trying my darndest to follow you on twitter so I can enter this contest, but I cannot find the follow button. Help!

Heather said...

Sorry, Katie- that button is on my 'to do' list! Just head over to and sign up for a new account if you don't have one. My Twitter name is TheSavvySister- you should find me there!