Tuesday, August 17

Have you tried printing coupons at the Library?

Some libraries' computers will allow you to print coupons AND some libraries allow you to print for FREE! Does yours? Mine does! I discovered this awesome situation when I needed to print a Staples coupon for ink. I didn't have enough ink to print anything at all and I needed use the coupon to buy more ink!

So... I went to my local library here in Weber County. I asked the librarian if I needed to add some money to my library card in order to get some prints from the computers. She said, "We don't charge for prints."

Really?? So I printed my Staples coupon from my e-mail account for FREE. Hmmm... I wonder...? Can I download the coupon printer and print some coupons as well? I headed to
coupons.com. Wha-laa! I downloaded the printer program and started printing coupons- for FREE! Can you believe this?

The library I go to is the Pleasant Valley Branch Library in Weber County. It's right down the street from Family Fresh Foods. I hesitated to share this because I know that some of you live in areas where you won't be able to download coupon printers at your libraries. I'm really sorry if this is the case. For those of you that live in Weber County- this should work! Here's what I do:

1. When I get to the library, I find a computer to use. If the computers are all being used, I sign in with a name. (They don't require your library card number.)

2. I find my favorite site for finding deals, in my case (and hopefully yours too) it's
Savvy Sister Shops! I then follow the links and download the coupon printer. You will need to do this every time you use the computers there. It is cleared when you log off. Just load it each time and follow the prompts.

3. I print my coupons for FREE! The screen will say "There is no charge for these prints." Then click OK.

4. Release prints at the print station by signing in with your name again and then gather up your FREE printed coupons! It really is that easy and it's another way to cut costs at home. You save on paper and ink and you can print as many FREE coupons as you want.

I hope this works for you. If you have any questions about printing at the Pleasant Valley Library, please let me know.

You may want to copy and paste the url of this post (just click on the title to view it in your web address box) and then e-mail it to yourself. Open your e-mail at the library and print from your favorite coupon sites:

Coupons.com Smartsource.com Redplum.com

CoolSavings.com Target.com

Cool, right? This was a REALLY exciting discovery for me! I hope you will enjoy this FREE service from the library, too!


Amanda said...

Thank you sooo much! I was racking up how much I print.

Shelley said...

This doesn't work for any libraries in SL County. There is a charge per page you print. I wish it was free!

Heather said...

You're welcome, Amanda! This was a big happy day for me when I found this!
Hey Shelley, I know. :( I used to try it at SL library and could never download a coupon printer. Even if I had to pay 10 cents a sheet for coupons, it would still be worth it! Oh well.... maybe they'll release the printer later..?

Haley Hill said...

I should have mentioned this since I knew you lived by that library. I figured out they didn't charge for prints when we bought our house and had to print TONS of pages for our closing documents! I have printed coupons there before and I know there is always one lady printing out loads of coupons every time I go. :)

Heather said...

I know, isn't it awesome? I love it!