Saturday, November 27

Use Swagbucks for Christmas Gifts!

I have a six-year-old son that loves, loves, loves Legos! (What 6-year-old boy doesn't?) It's all he wants for Christmas! So, I was really excited to see the above box of Legos on sale for $15.88 on It's part of the Amazon Black Friday deals that go lightning fast!

The best part is that I saved some of the $5 gift cards I earned while using
Swagbucks. (It only takes 450 Swagbucks to earn a $5 gift card.) I applied 3 $5 cards, plus signed up for Amazon Mom (which give parents FREE 2-day shipping just like Amazon Prime)- final price for the box of Legos above was 88 cents!

If you're not using Swagbucks yet,
sign up now and start earning "Swagbucks" that you can trade in for gift cards! Swagbucks is a FREE search engine service, similar to Google. Start now and you'll have a whole pile of gift cards to use next Christmas!

If you haven't already, be sure to bookmark the Black Friday Lightning Deals- they will still be going on through the weekend! And, they are just as described- fast as lightning!

Thanks, Money Saving Mom & Freebies 2 Deals!

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