Tuesday, December 7

Dear Readers,

Life is a crazy whirlwind sometimes. That's how my day has been today. Just to explain a little bit: I have children.

Anyone that has children knows that you never know what the next day will bring. Tonight I have one child with strep throat, another child who is very, very excited and happy, and another child who gets very anxious when change occurs.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I am going camping tomorrow with lots of 5th graders on a 3-day field trip! (Yes, I know it's December. But, hey- I live in Texas! This place is sunny all year round!)

So I'm packing up and leaving my cute little family and my cute little blog for a couple of days. I had every intention of having the Albertson's and Kroger ads up and running by tonight, but the paper ads did not show up in my mailbox today! (I promise to have them up by this weekend when I am back!)

My sister, Emilee, from
Dixie Coupon Chicks will post any BREAKING news in the world of bargains to grab! And, I've scheduled some posts that I hope you'll enjoy, like "My Favorite Things" for Christmas.

I'm pretty sure that you'll get along without me. But, I know a little 10-year-old that decided that she could not, and that makes me very happy! See you soon!


Jennifer said...

OH WOW! Enjoy, sounds like craziness!

Jen Nelson said...

I am really really jealous that you don't live in Utah.

Do you have room for Kell and I until may-ish?

Hope you have fun!!!