Thursday, December 9

My Favorite Things: Stockings

I love our family stockings! It's always nice to take a break from the true "hustle & bustle" and remember what Christmas is all about. (I seriously cannot believe how packed our calendar is this month! We're not even TRYING to be busy!)

So, we have 6 stockings for our family. You may have counted in our family pictures our 3 children. One stocking is for our stillborn baby, Matthew. I actually bought these stockings when I was pregnant with him. We hang his stocking along with ours every year and write notes to him to put inside. We know he's already in heaven and we tell him what we'll do this year so we can be with him again!

Merry Christmas all.

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Jules said...

Love that idea... so sweet. Makes you slow down and remember what's really important. Thank you for the reminder! Julie