Friday, December 31

FREE $5 Eversave Credit- Last Day!

Today is the LAST day to sign up for a new account with Eversave and get a FREE $5 credit! After today, the credit will go down to $2 for each new sign-up. So, if you haven't signed up with a new account lately, do it now before you forget! The $5 credit does not have to be used on today's deal- you can use it anytime you like! (But they do have some really cute water bottles on sale today- check it out!)

Don't forget that you also get a
FREE $5 credit from Living Social just for signing up!

Cool, right? You will receive an e-mail update from these sites once you have signed up. That way, you won't miss a deal from either site! I will, of course, be watching for the best deals from these sites as well, so you can snap up them up and get a great deal with the FREE credits!

Also...if you signed for Rue La La's FREE $20 credit, the last day to use this credit is TODAY!
Rue La La allows the $20 credit to be used towards shipping, so go on over and find a great deal now before your credit expires.

Enjoy- I'm looking forward to all the fantastic deals coming up for 2011!

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