Friday, December 31

P&G $20/$50 Rebate Reminder!

I mentioned the P&G $20/$50 Rebate today along with the FREE CoverGirl items to pick up at Kroger- but I just read over the rebate again and realized that the items purchased need to be purchased by Dec. 31- TODAY!

If you haven't reached your $50 in Pantene, CoverGirl, Venus, Olay, Herbal Essences products- today would be the PERFECT day to run out with your coupons and get more! It's like getting $20 for FREE (well, almost), because P&G counts the pre-sale promo and pre-coupon prices towards the $50 purchase! YAY!

I didn't think I would qualify for this rebate. (I was a dummy and missed the
Dormzy deal by an hour....EST time tripped me up... oops!) After my Kroger run last night, I was feeling more confident about qualifying for this rebate. I just added up my recent receipts and the total of my rebate items is $48.66! I'm just $1.34 short! (After coupons, these items only cost me $6.95 out-of pocket!)

Guess who's going on another Kroger run today (in between baking Mint Brownies for the New Years Eve party tonight...)- yippee, I'm so excited to get the $20 Rebate! You should have seen the happy dance I just did for my family! Happy New Year all!


Hillary said...

Thanks for the reminder! I bought the Oil of Olay on sale at Rite Aid a few weeks ago and LOST the reciept....GASP! (I'm sure you've done that before.) So I'm glad you said something. With the great sale at Kroger this week I was able to rack up $50 in stuff with coupons so I can get my $20.

Heather said...

You're welcome! Yes, I have lost receipts before and always kick myself later! I think I'm going to save every receipt in 2011- you never know when they may come in handy!
Awesome- I'm glad you can cash in on the $20 too!