Tuesday, January 4

National Consumer Panel- Accepting Applications!

The National Consumer Panel is accepting applications again! This program does not require a land line phone, so (almost) everyone should be able to get in on this! It's a great way to earn rewards, track your spending, show off your coupon savings, and get some nice surprise packages from NCP!

Check to see if you qualify, The National Consumer Panel is available in select zip codes. If you do, NCP will ship you a scanner. You will use the scanner to track your purchases each week. It's an easy thing to do while putting away your groceries and the kids like to help, too!


Jessi said...

Are you a member of this NCP panel?

Heather said...

Hi Jessi,
Good question! I am currently not a member of the panel- I need to check and see if my zip code qualifies myself.
I participated in the panel when I lived in Utah, but sent the scanner back when we prepared to move. I enjoyed it and should probably sign up again!