Saturday, February 19

My Bountiful Baskets Trip!

Yum! This was my Bountiful Baskets haul this morning! I love the surprises: mango, lemons, kale, red potatoes, cantaloupe and more- delicious!

You can
sign up for a Bountiful Baskets account and they will send you an e-mail reminder when it's time to order a basket. Sign-ups are on the Monday and Tuesday before the Saturday pick up date. In Texas, we can pick up our produce every 2 weeks, but some locations (like Utah) have Bountiful Baskets pick-ups every week.

You never know what you will get, but I think it's well worth the $16.50 I pay every 2 weeks.

I'm thinking we'll use this week's produce in a big stew, also some recipes from
Deceptively Delicious (gotta sneak the squash in there somewhere...) and this Zuppa Toscana Soup to use the kale in. It's delicious, you'll love it! Enjoy your Bountiful Baskets this week... or sign up for next time so you can too!

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