Thursday, February 25

Cuties coupons!

I registered to get Cuties coupons about a month ago, and finally got an e-mail with the attached coupons! The link works for you, too! Try it here. It will print 2 coupons: a .55/1 Cuties 3 lb. bag AND a $1/1 Cuties 5 lb. box. I printed 2 sets, see if you can, too!

*Remember that Target has the Cuties 5 lb. boxes on sale this week for $4.99! Use your $1/1 coupon to get them for $3.99! These are the perfect fruit for snacks or school lunches.


Shelley said...

It works, thanks Heather! :)

Heather said...

Thanks, Shelley! I knew I could count on you!