Tuesday, February 23

Pictureka Flipper game $1.98 at Toys R Us!

This is the REAL deal this time, the Pictureka Flipper game is on sale this week at Toys R Us for $6.98 this week. Use your $5 off coupons to get this game for only $1.98!

If your Toys R Us is sold out, use the ad and price match this item at Target or Wal-mart!

Thanks, Couponing to Disney!


Anonymous said...


I went to family fresh food last night and was going to price match some things from the reams ad. The cashier told me they will not price match reams since its not a local surrounding store. They did it this time, but in the future they won't. Just thought maybe you would like to know.

Heather said...

Hi Chels! I had to check this out right away! I just called Family Fresh Foods and talked to Lindsey- the front end manager.
She said that their price matching policy has not changed from the post I made here.
She said she doesn't know why the cashier told you that, but Ream's is a local store, they are just in Layton! So, I'm glad they still price matched your items, in the future they should do it without a problem- ask for Lindsey if they give you a hard time again!
I'm going to remember to look and see if they have their price matching policy hung up, it seems like it's not there anymore. If it is up, you could easily show the misinformed cashier that they DO price match Ream's!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for looking into that!!! I went to the first register and they had a list up and reams wasn't on there. I am happy that they will still do it though, cause I can usually get really good deals. I was able to price match the windex from the reams ad and get windex for free. I don't know where I got my coupon. It could have been from my all you magazine, I clip all my coupons and have some accordion files so I dont remember where I clipped them from. I thought it was weird that they would price match bowmans that's in kaysville, but not reams in layton. So I thought they just got confused. Thanks for your help I appreciate it.

Heather said...

Hi again,
I was in Family Fresh yesterday and saw that Ream's is NOT on their price matching list! So, I called them again today and talked to Lindsey again. She confirmed again that they DO price match Ream's- I hope they update their price matching list!