Thursday, April 15

$2/1 Renu coupon!

Grab a $2/1 Renu Sensitive multi-purpose solution coupon here. Hit your back button and print it twice! I like to look for this product in the travel size section of Target. It often will get FREE or cheap contact solution.

Notice that you have to think a little 'backwards' when shopping with coupons? In the old days, I would buy the economy size products, because buying more meant I was paying less, right? Now that I use coupons, I look for the smallest product available. The smallest products are the best value with coupons, you are really getting more for a lot less! I'll do some more math on this concept soon!

**Update! This coupon is for 12 oz. size or larger, so it will not work on the travel size. The coupon that you print on will get you cheap travel size Renu! Click on 'Personal Care' to find it fast!

1 comment:

Chad, Kendra, Eva and Kara said...

It says for 12oz or larger...will it still work for the travel size? Thanks for this husband goes through this stuff so fast!