Thursday, April 15

Another 15% off City Deals gift certificates!

WOW! City Deals is amazing! They are now running a 'Spring Cleaning' promotional which allows another 15% off all gift certificates! That's amazing- that means all $25 gift certificates are now only $10.62! I would suggest grabbing any that you had your eye on-I can't imagine that this deal could get any better! Think of all the great dining you can do for cheap!

Make sure to use the promo code 'SPRINGCLEANING' at checkout to
get your extra 15% off! This applies to the Rod Works gift certificates I told you about here. $25 worth of Rod Works items for $10.62!? Amazing, really! I'm thinking I'll buy a certificate and then use it to Mother's Day shop, I can get a bunch of gifts for my kids' 6 grandmothers. I hope you enjoy this awesome deal!

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