Wednesday, April 14

FREE coupons in the mail!

Kellogg's sent me these 3 coupons for FREE Keebler products for just sending them an e-mail! Each coupon is for FREE Keebler crackers, cookies, or cones- up to $4.49 in value.

This is another method of collecting high value coupons and a lot more FREE items. Manufacturers appreciate hearing from the public! They value your opinion (good or bad) and will often reward you with coupons for FREE items when you contact them.

I first heard about this method of collecting coupons from Amy over at Savvy Shopper She has several coupon training videos, just click on the link and then click on 'Amy's Video Tutorial' to see them. She shares some great stories about getting FREE item coupons from Infusium and Hostess.

I have another friend that sent an e-mail to Glad and told them how much she enjoys their products. She received a coupon for a FREE box of Glad trash bags, up to 55 count! So, check it out! Try contacting the manufacturers of your favorite products, and then let us know if you get some awesome coupons in the mail. Please share your good news with us!


Sean and Vanessa Barker said...

Ever since I heard manufacturers do this, I have been emailing at least one company a day. Sometimes I don't hear back at all, or get a generic email in response. But A LOT of the time I get a thank you email and about a week later will receive coupons in the mail. Recent one's I have received were Tyson Chicken, Hostess, Ore Ida, and Nalley. It really is great to get these, and usually it's about 4-5 coupons just for a 2 minute email!

suzyQT73 said...

Heather and Vanessa,

How do you know how to contact the companies??? Is there a list somewhere with their e-mail or is it listed somewhere on the product??

Thank you,


Heather said...

Amy, I would suggest going to the manufacturers website and contacting them through e-mail. Just compliment them, if nothing else! I'm hoping to get a list together of companies that send FREE coupons out soon. There are a couple of blogs that keep track of these companies: Couponing to Disney and does as well. I haven't completely checked these out yet, so I hope you can find more info from them!