Thursday, May 6

FREE kid's glasses at Target Optical

Utah Target Optical Stores are offering one pair of FREE glasses for elementary school aged kids (i.e. 5-12 years old). The FREE glasses include both a frame and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses. This new program is not based on financial need.

You may get one FREE pair per household, per year. You will also need to choose your FREE kids' frames from a select group of 16. Eye exams are not included, so you will need to bring in a current eyeglasses prescription, or set an appointment with the doctor at Target to get your child’s eyes checked first.

Utah is a test market for this program. The Target Optical locations in Centerville, Ft. Union, Layton, Orem, Riverdale, and Sandy are the only Target Stores in the United States that are currently doing this special, so take advantage of it while it is ongoing. No one knows how long the promotion will last, so set an appointment right away!

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Sean and Vanessa Barker said...

This is AMAZING! Great find Heather