Tuesday, May 4

What's a good price on...

...broccoli, ribeye steaks and asparagus?

We usually all know the very BEST deals at the grocery store- because I'll post them right here at Savvy Sister Shops!

But, what about items not in the ad and usually do not come with coupons? When it comes to those items, like a lot of produce and meat items, I use the Savvy Shopper Price Points list. Amy, the Savvy Shopper, over at Savvy Shopper Deals has put together an amazing price points list. She has listed over 200 regular grocery store items along with a 'WOW!' price- this would be similar to the Savvy Sister 5 star items. She has also listed the 'Great' price, like a Savvy Sister 4 star item.

This list has helped me a lot! If you'd like your own price point list, just head on over to Savvy Shopper Deals and print one! I like to keep my list with my coupons. I keep it with me in case I come across an item that looks like a great deal, I can check my price point list really quickly! Even it's something that looks like a great deal, with a peelie or hangtag coupon on it, I can compare it with the price points on the Savvy Shopper Price Points list. Sometimes that something is NOT a great deal, even with the new coupon attached. The Savvy Shopper Price Points list helps keep you in the know!

Here's how to print your own Savvy Shopper Price Point list:

Step 1: Set up an account on www.savvyshopperdeals.com

Step 2: Set your location (Mine is 'Utah')

Step 3: Open the 'Deals Forum'

Step 4: Scroll down and click 'Changing Your Spending Lifestyle'

Step 5: The 'Price Point list- Updated' will be at the top, click on that and then click on PricePoints.xls to open the printable version of the price point list!

Enjoy your Savvy Shopper Price Point List! You'll REALLY feel like a Savvy Sister when you shop with this list!

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Tight Wad in Utah said...

I love this! Thank you!