Monday, May 3

Guess where we went today?

I couldn't resist a quick trip to WinCo Foods today. Even though it was a total MaDHouSe, I was able to pick up the FREE Capri Sun 10 packs. (Yes, they have the Sunrise variety!) I also spotted a few more *HOT deals for you!

Langers Apple Juice 64 oz. 98 cents
$1/2 printable (Print 2)
Final price: 48 cents each!

Suddenly Salad 98 cents
.40/1 printable (Print 2)
Or .40/1 printable (Print 2)
Final price: 58 cents!

Yoplait Yogurt 6 oz. 8 pk. $2.98
.50/6 printable (Print 2)
Or use .50/6 printable (Print 2)
Or use .50/6 printable (Print 2)
Final price: $2.48 for an 8 pk!

Deal idea: Buy 3 Yoplait Yogurt packs
Use 4 .50/6 printable coupons from above
Final price: $6.94 for 24 yogurts, or 29 cents each!

Take your coupons with you, because I'm sure there are a lot more amazing deals throughout the store! Oh, and don't forget to pick up a FREE hat!


Paige said...

I went as well and boy what a madhouse. I can't believe we had to follow people out to their cars just to get a cart. It was insane especially with two little ones in tow but I couldn't resist. Can't wait until it settles down and I can really check out all of the deals. Thanks for the coupon help.

Jennifer said...

Mission tortilla were priced $0.98 (10 piece). Use the $0.75 Q from if still available and final is $0.23!!

Hannah said...

There are so many extra great deals at Winco from pizza to eggs to Kraft Mac & goes on an on. I've already made two trips and plan on going back soon. (you don't need the coupons either...the prices ring up at the coupon price until the 9th, then they go to the price that's posted above the items!) (You can even use your coupons with their coupon prices you mentioned with the capri suns!) Great deals!