Tuesday, July 20

Smith's Catalina Tips

Remember that the *HOT Kraft Catalina deal at Smith's is now on! This Buy 5, get $5 catalina deal will run through August 15! For the items included in this Smith's catalina deal, read my post about the Kraft products here. Also remember that you may only get one $5 catalina per transaction, so split your items up if you want more than one $5 catalina coupon.

You may buy 5 Kraft products in the first transaction, then pay for your next transaction with your $5 catalina coupon! If you have 5 more Kraft products, the next $5 catalina coupon will still print!

(Thanks for the tips, Joys Dumb Deals!)

I just want to add one more thing about Smith's- remember the
$25 credit from Smith's pharmacy? They will automatically add the $25 to your Smith's shopping card when you transfer a prescription. I got the $25 credit last week and then went shopping with my coupons.

The cashier rang up my items and then asked if I would like the $25 credit applied to my purchase. I said yes and she took off the $25 from my transaction. I then handed her my coupons. The amount of coupons was about $6 higher than the amount left to pay for. I thought that this would leave me a partial credit on my Smith's card for my next shopping trip.

But, I was wrong! She gave me $6 in cash! All my groceries were FREE and then she handed me CASH! She said, "It looks like we paid you for shopping today!" Could shopping get any better?!


Anonymous said...

Lucky! I had a similar situation and the cashier just told me that I couldn't use the coupons and that she had already applied the credit and there was nothing she could do so I was out of luck. She wasn't very nice about it either. Just be aware that YMMV. Thanks for the deals:)

Heather said...

Oh no, Shelby! I was worried that something like that might happen. That's so rude- you should never be told that you cannot use coupons! Coupons= CASH! Would a store ever turn cash away? That's what they are doing when they turn away coupons.
I'll bet you can take your coupons in and have them applied, I hope it's not too late!
Last year I forgot some coupons at the double coupon event and they took them at customer service and gave me cash for the coupons I missed!
Be sure to ask for a manager if you get a rude cashier like that again. Sad!

Norm and Melissa Scown said...

I did the self check out at smiths and said yes to apply my 25.00 after that it didnt even give me an option for coupons. I went back the next day because I guess there system was down but they did correct it at customer service and paid me out in cash it was well worth it..Anybody know if you can transfer more than one perscription to take avantage of another 25.00 rx reward>??

Heather said...

Awesome, Melissa!

Yes, you can transfer more prescriptions. The ad from last week says that the annual limit on the $25 rewards is $300! So, you may transfer 12 times a year.

The ad also says that the offer expires 7/31/2010. I don't know if this offer will automatically renew in August, but I am hoping so.