Thursday, July 15

Smith's $25 credit

Did you catch the part of the Smith's ad with the big $25 on it? Smith's now gives a $25 credit to your Smith's card when you transfer a prescription!

Whoo-hoo! This is one of my favorite money-saving techniques. Here is what I do to make extra money to spend on things my family needs:

1. Transfer prescriptions to Rite Aid for a $25 gift card. My son regularly needs his ezcema cream, so I pay $9 for that at Rite Aid and get back $25! I use this gift card along with my Rite Aid Coupons, Sales and manufacturer's coupons to really make this gift card stretch!

2. The next time my son needs his cream prescription, I transfer the prescription to Smith's. They put the $25 credit right on my Smith's card and I go shopping with my coupons again. Again, this $25 stretches way out with coupons and we get a lot of food and supplies that we regularly use!

3. Repeat.

One more thing, I usually take my prescription papers with me and shop while they fill it. If you think ahead on this, you may call the pharmacy and they will transfer the prescription for you. Easy, right?


Haley Hill said...

I have wondered about doing this and I didn't know if it was quite ethical or not...especially switching back and forth every month. I'm still not sure, but I may end up doing it too! Thanks for the tips :)

Heather said...

Hi Haley,
This is completely ethical, or you wouldn't be allowed to do it! Many stores offer $10 gift cards as well. I go to Rite Aid and Smith's because they offer the best deal- $25 each!

shannon said...

smiths is offering a 3.00 ecoupon for tide stain release, i also have a 3.00 p&g coupon can i use those both at the same time for 6.00 off?

Heather said...

Great questions, Shannon! The answer is: YES! You may use both coupons and get $6 off. In the case that your ecoupon does not come off automatically (it's happened a few times....), be sure to call Smith's about it. Don't talk to the store- call the customer service people through the eCoupon Kroger site. Just in case.

Audrey said...

Thanks for linking up Heather! Your the best!! :)

Elisabeth said...

I've had places say that it has to be a newly transferred prescription- that they won't do another $25 credit towards a prescription they've refilled for me at their store before. Have you run into this problem at all? Is there fine print in a store policy about it? Thanks!! Liz

Elisabeth said...

Also, to follow up further on Heather's coupon- in the Smith's coupon policy it says that the ecoupons from their cards count as regular manufacturer coupons (separate from what they'll send out to you in the mail with their own logo on it) and they won't allow both. I was in last week and had uploaded an ecoupon and tried to use a manufacturer coupon and the computer wouldn't take it- that's when I checked the policy and found out why....?

Heather said...

Hi Elisabeth,
I'm so glad you found me, but this post is almost 1 year old!! Please come over the and get all the new updated info. Yes, the ecoupon and paper coupon stacking is OUT- no longer allowed!! That went into place shortly after this post last summer. And, it's harder and harder for me to get great deals on prescription transfers, but I do it where I can- I haven't run into the "already transferred" snag... yet! :)