Monday, July 26

Star Wash- FREE!

Oh yeah! It's totally FREE! There's a new car wash opening in the Salt Lake area off Bangerter and 104th South. It's called "Star Wash." From now until August 1, you can get your car washed there.... completely FREE! As many times as you like!

Even the nice drive through wash is FREE, vacumms are FREE- all of it is FREE! Just drop by next time you're in the area. This is their "Grand Opening" Special! I have to say, I really like their style!

Thanks, So Simple to Save!


Rekehl said...

Thanks Heather for the info! I am so going there!!!

Heather said...

I know... that's a totally sweet deal! You can't get better than FREE! Have fun Rekehl!

liella said...

I have to drive right by this place to get to work literaly right in front of the place I ahve been watching it go up and after the HUGE sand storm while we wehre camping i could use a car wash... thanks for the heads up :)