Wednesday, July 28

It's not too late!

The Salt Lake paper deal is still on! I just found out that this promotional will be extending into August! This is great news for coupon users- you can get your coupon inserts from the Sunday papers at a super low rate!

Just $39 for a newspaper for the whole year! It's really an amazing deal. Just add $39 for each additional paper- up to 4 newspapers being delivered to your home each Sunday. Read more about the
Salt Lake newspaper deal here.

You can see how valuable your newspaper coupons can be when we have events like the Smith's coupon event that started today. (And several sources believe that they may be having these events more often.... we've had 3 in 3 months!) Just one set of papers pays for hundreds of dollars of merchandise each year. Multiply your papers and you'll multiply your savings!

If you are into a nice, low monthly payment for your newspapers, The Standard Examiner or the The Daily Herald may be for you! It depends on where you live. The Standard Examiner delivers newspapers to the Davis, Weber, Box Elder counties. They also began delivering papers to parts of Cache County!

I encourage coupon users to get "The Coupon 5" at the Standard Examiner. You will get a daily paper and 5 papers on Sunday! All those papers for only $19.99 a month! And, you can cancel this deal at any time. Just call Dave at the Standard Examiner at 801-625-4448 for more information. Be sure to tell him Heather sent you so you can lock in this great rate!

The Daily Herald delivers papers in Utah County and surrounding areas- all the way to Nephi and over into Park City. They are one of the last papers in Utah that still has a Red Plum insert in every paper! This is also an easy monthly payment and they will deliver up to 5 papers on Sunday as well.

The rates for The Daily Herald are as follows:
2 Copies of the Sunday Paper for $12.53 per month
3 Copies of the Sunday Paper for $15.55 per month
4 Copies of the Sunday Paper for $18.57 per month
5 Copies of the Sunday Paper for $21.82 per month

Call Debbie at 801-344-2923 to get this great paper deal. Be sure to tell her that Heather sent you so you can get these low prices!

If you are interested in the Herald Journal newspaper in the Cache County area, I can help you there, too! Just send me an e-mail at savvy sistershops@ (remove spaces) and I can give you their information.

I don't work for the papers, I just work WITH the papers to get my readers the best deal on newspaper subscriptions! If you need a newspaper subscription, or just want to add to your existing subscription, these are the BEST prices possible. Don't wait- you never know when rates will go up. You'll be ready for the next 'Coupon Event'!

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