Friday, August 6

FREE $5 at Screamin' Coupons & FREE Ice Cream!

Time is running out to get your FREE $5 Credit at Screamin' Coupons! If you haven't signed up with Screamin' Coupons yet, don't wait! The last day to get this FREE $5 credit is tomorrow, August 7. Just sign in with an e-mail account and password and you will get a FREE $5 credit! It really is that easy.

Then, you will have a FREE credit for anything you want at Screamin' Coupons. Like today's "yummy" deal at Yummies in Springville! Get $10 of frozen treats at Yummies for just $5! Ah, I love all these frozen treat deals being offered! I hope you enjoy... don't forget to apply your $5 credit. This $10 deal will be completely FREE with your credit! WOW!


Liz said...

So I signed up, but do I have to use the $5 credit before tomorrow?? Or can I wait and use it on another deal in the futer?

Heather said...

The great thing is that the $5 credit never expires! That way you can save it for a deal that you really want.