Thursday, August 5

Smith's 3 Day Sale: 29 cent Lucky Charms & FREE Total!

*Update: Not every Smith's carries these prices!

Smith's has a 3 Day Sale going on now! It runs today, tomorrow and Saturday. Quaker and General Mills Cereals, Cereal Bars, and more are 50% off! PLUS there is a reported $4 catalina when you buy 4 General Mills products!

These are some deals you can score:

Lucky Charms 16 oz. $1.79
Use $1/2 General Mills cereal printable coupon (Print 2)
Get a $4 catalina wyb 4
Final price: 29 cents each!

Golden Grahams 12 oz. $2.88
Use $1/1 coupon from sample cereal boxes
(Available in select areas)
Get a $4 catalina wyb 4
Final price: 88 cents!

Trix 10.7 oz. $2.97
Use $1/1 coupon from sample cereal boxes
(Available in select areas)
Get a $4 catalina wyb 4
Final price: 97 cents!

Captain Crunch 15 oz. $1.29
Use .50/1 RP 5/16
Final price: 79 cents!

Fiber One Cereal $1.88
Use $1.50/2 SS 8/1
Get a $4 catalina wyb 4
(Catalina works on the Honey Clusters variety)
Final price: 13 cents each!

General Mills Total Cereal $1.71

Use .75/1 SS 6/27 or SS 7/11
Get a $4 catalina wyb 4
Final price: FREE + 4 cents!
Or use $1/2 General Mills printable coupon
Get a $4 catalina wyb 4
Final price: 21 cents!

WOW! These are stock up prices on cereal! Reader, Mandie got went to Smith's this morning and paid around $3.50 for 20 boxes of cereal!

Another update: These are the cereals included in the $4 catalina deal:

Golden Grahams 12 oz., Cinnamon Toast Crunch 11.8 oz., Cookie Crisp 11.25 oz., Golden Grahams 12 oz., Lucky Charms 16 oz., Multi Grain Cheerios 16.2 oz., Trix 10.7 oz., Wheaties Fuel 17.1 oz., Chocolate Cheerios 11.25 oz., Total 10.6 oz. & 18.25 oz., Honey Nut Chex 13.8 oz., Fiber One 11.1 oz. or 16.2 oz., Fiber One Honey Cluster 14.25 oz.

Thanks, Michelle! and Mandie!


Tina said...

Wow, which Smiths did Mandie go to? I went today and 16 oz Lucky Charms are $2.49 at sale price. I even called a second store after reading your post, but they confirmed that price.

This sale was not as good as I'd hoped. Went to check the prices yesterday and got excited, however today when I went to buy they only have the largest boxes 50% off, so with the catalina Lucky Charms is around $1 a box. Fiber One Honey Clusters end up being the best deal of this sale.

Heather said...

I'll try to find out where Mandie went shopping....

Mandie said...

I went to Smith's on 5400 S and about 700 w :)

Thomas Family said...

I bought 2 lucky charms and 2 cinnamon toast crunch and a catalina didn't print. Are all general mills with the catalina deal? What do I do know?

Liz said...

Heather, I do not have the Fiber one coupon from the SS 8/1 insert. I have not had time to cut coupons this week so all my inserts are in tact. I look through all my coupon inserts and do not have it. ??? Am I looking in the right place?? (Smart Source insert that came last Sunday) right? If so mine does not have that coupon.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm new to this, so sorr if this is a stupid question. What is Catalina?

Heather said...

@ Thomas Family: I believe you catalina should have printed. I had 1 out of 3 catalinas print for me last night! Here's what to do: Call 1-888-8coupon and have your receipt ready with the information on it. You will need to tell them the store # and probably the UPC information from your cereal. Good luck! I'll be doing the same thing this morning!
@ Liz: Check your Red Plum insert from last week. The coupon databases show it's a smartsource coupon, but I only had one of each, so check the red plum insert.
@ Anonymous: A catalina is a coupon that prints at checkout. It prints from a special catalina machine. In this case, it prints a $4 off (when you buy 4 select general mills cereals). It's good for $4 off your next order, meaning you may use it for anything you wish! If you're new to coupons, you may want to read this post on Coupons 101 to give you a jump start!

palb said...

Thomas Family/Heather: I purchased Fiber One 16.2oz, Total 10.6oz, Lucky Charm 16oz, and Cinn. Toast Crunch 17oz and I did not receive a Catalina. According to the list on this site, it's the Cinn. Toast Crunch 11.8oz and I think this is why I didn't receive one. Thomas Fam, please post if you called the Catalina company and were successful. Heather, do you think this is why I didn't receive the Catalina?

Heather said...

Yes, it probably was the size of the box that did it! The details were a little fuzzy when I first learned about this- so... I made the same mistake and bought the wrong kind of Cheerios.
These are all still a great deal!

Catalinas are picky- they want you to buy the exact product in order for it to trigger. I'm sorry about that!

palb said...

Heather, you gave great information, I just didn't follow :) Thanks for the Catalina number as well. Called, gave him all the info, and he is sending a $4 coupon to me.

Factoring in the Catalina I will receive, I paid $1.23 for 4 boxes of cereal. Thanks!!

Paige said...

Quick question: When you pay for a transaction with a catalina do you still get one to print out on that transaction?

Heather said...

Way to go, palb! Awesome!

Paige, Yes, you can use the catalina as a coupon to pay for the transaction and still get another catalina! :) YAY!