Thursday, September 30

Arquest Diaper Study= FREE diapers & Cash!

It's been awhile since I first wrote about diaper studies with Arquest. My friend just told me that a new diaper study has opened up!

How does a diaper study work? You give them your child’s information, age, weight and gender. That determines if you qualify. If you do, they will send FREE diapers for you to test! After you use the diapers, Arquest will call and ask a few questions about them. In 2-3 weeks and they'll mail a check for $10!

FREE diapers + CASH? It really is that easy. I would recommend this to any parent!

Here’s what they are looking for now:

Child between 38 and 125 lbs.
Child with bedwetting problems
Child currently uses disposable absorbent pants for bed wetting.

Does your child qualify? If yours does, e-mail Arquest at consumerpanel@arquest(dot)com and provide the following contact information: Name, Address, Phone number, E-mail address, User Age, Weight, & Gender, and the product test that you are applying for. In this case, disposable pants.

You may also call 1-888-342-7372 ext. 646 or ext. 633 (girl’s diapers) or 1-888-342-7372 ext. 634 (boy’s diapers) and leave your name and phone number to be notified of future studies! They are great to get back to you as well.

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