Thursday, September 30

*HOT deal on Shelf Reliance Food Storage!

Wouldn't we all love these in our food storage? My friend just told me about a GREAT deal on this exact package from Shelf Reliance! Many people rely on Shelf Reliance and the long term food storage for life's emergencies. There are many kinds of emergencies... natural disasters, terrorist attacks, sickness, job loss, financial distress, etc. This is HIGH quality, delicious food that has a shelf life of 25 years! Do you have health and life insurance?

This is your food insurance!

And THIS is the awesome deal:

This offer only comes around once a year. Costco is offering
$200 off their big food storage package. It is a great way to jump start your food storage. With 84 cans of delicious food you cannot go wrong! The deal gets even better for YOU because my friend, Julie, can get you an additional 10% off! But, the 10% discount is good only today & tomorrow, Thurs. 9/30- Fri. 10/1 until 3 p.m.

This deal makes the average cost per #10 can only $8.56 each! With a single can of Freeze Dried Raspberries costing $27.99 (and this package includes two!), this turns out to be a steal! This deal also includes FREE Shipping! It is a total of $500 savings over buying through the Shelf Reliance Website! WOW!

Can't afford the whole thing? Go in with a neighbor or three and split the cost!

Call or e-mail Julie and tell her Heather sent you to get the additional 10% off. Julie's number is 214-783-0306 and her e-mail address is This is a NATIONWIDE deal so anyone in the USA can get this discount!

I love having lots of #10 cans of food in my storage- here's your chance to stock up! FYI- The deal is good until Oct. 10, so you can still order after tomorrow, but it will just be the sale price, not the additional 10% off.

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