Friday, October 1

Zulily Sale! Save on Moms and kids items!

Are these the cutest outfits you've ever seen? I think they are! These can be found on sale at Zulily today! Zulily is a daily deal site for moms and kids. They seriously have some really amazing items! There are more outfits like these at Zulily plus lots more for Mom, baby, and kids on sale today.

Look at this sweet "peas out" baby carrier as they call it at Zulily. It's 45% off today, only $17.99!

Check out their sales items today- there are too many for me to list here. Some items are up to 65% off!

Plus, you can earn FREE shipping credits from Zulily in October! If you place an 2 Zulily orders within 3 days, you will earn a FREE shipping credit! This is for the whole month of October- cool, right?

Your first shipping order will be credited back to your account within 4 days and you may use that credit for shipping or for any part of your next order. What a great way to get some really cute items AND save on shipping! Enjoy these great items from Zulily!

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