Thursday, September 23

Hasbro Playsaver Coupons!

Yay for toy coupons! Hasbro just released a bunch of toy coupons on Hopefully we will be able to spot some sales for these items that will help us get ready for Christmas.

Here are the coupons that are available:

$5/1 Spider-Man Triple Battle Truck
$5/1 Marvel Super Hero Squad Headquarters
$5/1 Iron Man 2 Rocket Boost Iron Man Toy
$1/1 Marvel Universe Action Figure
$1/1 Marvel Super Hero Squad Action Figure (2pk)
$1/1 Spider-Man Action Figure (some exlusions)
$5/1 Iron Man 2 Helmet
$5/1 Iron Man 2 R/C Iron Man
$5/1 Iron Man 2 Rolling Battle Headquarters Vehicle
$5/$20 Purchase of Tonka Mod Machines System
$5/1 Playschool Weebles Treehouse
$5/1 Playschool Sit N’ Spin
$5/1 Playschool Explore ‘N Grow Musical Gear Center
$5/1 Playschool Busy Ball Popper
$2/1 Playschool Lullaby Glowworm
$2/1 Playschool Weebles 2pk Figures
$2/1 Playschool Mr. Potato Head Classic
$5/$25 Purchase of Chuck & Friends
$2/1 Playschool Wheel Pals Mini 4pk
$2/1 Playschool Wheel Pals Playset
$5/1 My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Plane or Mommy & Pony Vehicle
$1/1 Iron Man Action Figure (some exclusions)

Any of your kid's favorites here? These are great to have just in case you spot some clearance items as well!

Thanks, Dixie Coupon Chicks!

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