Thursday, September 16

*HOT City Deals for UTAH!

City Deals has a FUN promotion for UTAH! Get an extra 15% off 20 deals or so by using the code 15thru20 at checkout. The deals are amazing, actually!

Here's an idea of what you can get with this promotion:

In Utah County:

5 Buck Pizza in Pleasant Grove-
$20 gift certificates for $5.95!

Gandolfo's in Pleasant Grove, American Fork and Provo-
$20 gift certificates for $8.50!

In Salt Lake:

$20 gift certificates for $8.50!

Rocky Mountain Pizza Co.-
$20 gift certificates for $5.95!

Big Apple Pizzeria- $20 gift certificates for $5.95!

In Weber and Davis counties:

Sparetime Fun Center in Roy-
$20 gift certificates for $7.45!

Classic Fun Center in Layton-
$20 gift certificates for $8.50!

Tasty's in Kaysville & Layton-
$20 gift certificates for $8.50!

Smoothie King in Ogden-
$20 gift certificates for $6.80!

WOW! Now's the time to load up on
City Deals gift certificates. There is no limit on how many you can buy, but they are while supplies last. There are even more great discounts in the special 20 deals, I just listed the ones I thought you would like the best. Enjoy these great deals!

And... to my new Texas followers... don't worry, City Deals are coming your way soon!

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