Friday, October 8

Great Deals on Halloween Costumes!

I was just checking out some of's Sale Section costumes and they have some AMAZING deals! Today only, you can buy the above tiger costume for $4.99!

Same for the otter costume below. I never thought of dressing my child up as an otter for Halloween before, but for $4.99- it's worth thinking about!

Other great deals include these hilarious baby costumes- Sugar Baby and Smarties? I love it- they're only $9.99 each!

Same for the cute Santa girl's dress and the monkey costumes: $9.99 each! I can see saving the Santa dress for Christmas time. I always think that little girls look so cute in them!

I love warm costumes! It seems to always be chilly on Oct. 31st! Horton the Elephant is only $9.99 as well!

Bo Peep and her little sheep are $5.99 each!

If you decide to purchase some of these costumes at, they have some great coupon codes to save even more:

Use VAMP10 and get 10% off any order!
Use Skull20 and get $20 off $100 purchase!
Use MAD10 and get 10% off $40 or more!
Use bogo20 for Buy One Get One 20% off!

Wow, that makes these costumes from the Sale Section even less! These are definitely stock-up prices on costumes for kids! Be sure to go to Sale Section when you get to it's the button in red. Enjoy!

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Doty Family said...

Dang it!! I ordered one yesterday and it wasn't on sale :(, but it was the only one I ended up buying. Everyone else was easy.