Wednesday, October 6

CVS: I think I'm in love

So, I've heard from my friends (bloggers) for a long time now about how awesome CVS is. Oh my goodness!

CVS has this amazing little machine inside their stores. It's called a 'price scanner' or sometimes the 'coupon center.' Actually, I think a more appropriate name is "Fantastic Coupon Machine That Will Blow You Away!"

Here's why:
I was at my local CVS yesterday getting my
$26 worth of items for $1... and I scanned my CVS card at the machine mentioned above. It spit out a long strip of 10 coupons!

The 2nd coupon on the strip was a $6.50 Extra Bucks Coupon for my 'Summer Shopping'! Huh? Wow, this was my third trip to CVS- what a bonus!

I also got a $5 off Halloween decor or costumes coupon. I picked up a witch hat and witch striped black-and-purple tights for a total of 98 cents! (My daughters will be dressing up like Elphaba & Glinda from 'Wicked' this year. We're still working on the Glinda costume- do we go with white or pink....? We haven't seen the play yet, but we listen to the soundtrack constantly.)

The $2/1 Robitussin coupon was adjusted to get the Robitussin To Go for FREE and not an overage like I expected. All in all, I was able to buy $32 worth for $3- plus I walked out with $17.50 in Extra Bucks!

Can you see why I'm in love? The $6 investment I made on my first trip to CVS is going to allow FREE items again and again for weeks to come! All Extra Bucks are rolling- you can use them to pay for more items that produce Extra Bucks and on and on. I'm really happy with CVS and feel like a hero everytime I come home with my loot.

How has your shopping gone this week? I'd love to hear about it, send me an e-mail at savvysistershops (remove space) or even post a picture on the Savvy Sister Shops Facebook page! Everybody here loves a bargain brag!

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