Wednesday, October 6

Groupon favorites: Costumes, Nutty Guys & igourmet!

Three of my favorite Groupon offers are available to everyone today! All of these offers can be ordered online, even though you may not live in the city where these are listed. Check out Sacramento, Spokane, or Tampa for the deal- pay $10 for a $20 gift certificate! Order your costumes online and have them delivered!

Mmmmmm... you know I love this one! Nutty Guys- pay $10 for $25 worth of nuts, fruit and even candies. Check the Hampton Roads or Charlotte Groupon for this one. If you order online, shipping costs $5 for up to 3 lbs. If you live in the Salt Lake City area, you may pick up your order at will call. I use this Groupon to restock my granola ingredients.

And in Cleveland, get $40 worth of gourmet foods for $20 at I recently purchased this Groupon and had a pound of parmesan cheese shipped to my door! (I also got some avocado oil- a first for me!) This Groupon is also a great value, because you may use the Groupon value towards to cost of shipping!

Groupon Roundup!

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