Friday, October 22

UPromise: Ecoupons for College + FREE $5 credit!

Are you ready for another awesome eCoupon? UPromise is just that- an eCoupon to use while buying groceries! Instead of coupon amounts being deducted at checkout, the eCoupon amounts go into a savings account for college. You may use your account to save for a child's college expenses or pay down current student loan bills. Any way you slice it, it's just another way to save money!

These are some of the eCoupons available at UPromise:
$1/1 Charmin Basic Bath Tissue
$1/1 Charmin MegaRoll Tissue
.50/1 Bounty Napkins and Paper Towels
.50/1 No Yolks Noodles
.50/1 Wacky Mac Pasta

In Utah, UPromise ecoupons may be used for purchases at Rite Aid and Smith's. In Texas, Upromise offers are recognized at Kroger, Albertson's, CVS and Tom Thumb! Check in with your zip code to see where UPromise credits are offered. I'm really excited about these! You'll be saving even more money just for buying everyday items.

UPromise rewards are also available when you shop online or eat out. Sign up for a
UPromise account, load your ecoupons and watch your savings account grow. I just signed up and they offered a FREE $5 gift card or $5 credit into my Upromise account!

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