Monday, December 20

The BEST gift of all: Newspapers!

Yesterday's Sunday paper (12/19) had NO coupon inserts! In case you missed your paper, do not run out to the store to buy more papers just for the coupons. There won't be any inside!

This week would be a PERFECT time to get a paper subscription, if you haven't already. This coming Sunday's paper (12/26) will contain the once-a-month, high-value P&G coupon insert. The next Sunday (1/2/11) there will be 5 coupon inserts (3 SS, 2 RP) and 4 Inserts the week (1/9/11) after that! Tons of *HOT coupons come out the first few weeks of the year including lots of FREEbie coupons.

Even though I no longer live in Utah, I can still help Utah readers get the best deal possible on newspapers. I mention this only because I recently learned that Northern Utah readers (Weber, Davis, Cache, and Box Elder counties) can get an exclusive deal for 5 Sunday papers, every Sunday for $16.50/month! WOW! This is super cheap and I thought $19.99 was as low as it could go.

This is an exclusive offer, and so you will need to e-mail me at to get the details on how to set up this paper deal. This deal is for new subscribers only. You will not be able to get the $16.50/month deal by calling the Standard Examiner directly.

If you live the Salt Lake or Utah county areas, I can still help you out! Send me and e-mail at for details on the BEST possible prices on the Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, or the Daily Herald. They all have coupon inserts inside (almost) every Sunday of the year! Coupons from the paper are the easiest and quickest way to build up your supply of money-saving offers. Don't wait! There are some *HOT coupon offers coming up these next few weeks!


Auburn Soul Photography said...

can you send me the dallas paper discount info. I know you posted it a few weeks ago. I called but was on hold for 30min!!!

Heather said...

Wow. I gave up after 15 minutes! I had better luck online: It says $1.96/week, so it may be a better deal than we thought.
The number to call 877-339-8186 if you're feeling brave!

Liz said...

Heather, just so you know, the Salt Lake Trib, and Deseret news does not give you the Red Plum inserts. So no matter how cheap, it is NOT a good deal, unless you don't mind not having any Red Plum coupons.

Heather said...

Right, if you live in Utah county- you will definitely want the Daily Herald for the Red Plum inserts. Unfortunately, everyone outside of Utah county does not have the option to order the Daily Herald- they have to order the Salt Lake papers. The Standard Examiner has no RP either. You'll have to stick with begging from neighbors for their RP's in the mail!

Angela said...


Are there still any good deals available for newspapers in Davis County, Utah? Just wondering!!


Heather said...

Yes, yes, yes! The Standard Examiner deal is now a permanent! If you would like to sign up for the 5 papers for $16.50/month deal, all you need to do is call 801-344-2959 and tell them that Heather sent you! They will know the 5 paper deal you are talking about and they can get you signed up. This is the "newspaper hotline" in Utah county, the people I have contracted this deal through.

You will need a Visa/Credit Card and your card will be charged $16.50 every month. You may cancel at any time, and they are great to give reimbursements as well if you happen to cancel in the middle of the month. (They did this for me when I moved.)

Enjoy your 5 papers each Sunday... I miss it!