Thursday, December 23

Mamapedia: FREE $5 Credit!

Sign up with Mamapedia today and get an instant $5 credit! It's FREE! Mamapedia has National Deals to choose from, plus deals in your city. I just signed up (with an additional e-mail address) and got my FREE $5 credit!

Use this credit towards today's national deal:
$30 Pro Flowers for $15 and only pay $10 for it! Flowers are a beautiful gift in the wintertime. This voucher may be used towards shipping and expires Jan. 31.

Or.... wait and save that FREE $5 for a deal you really love! I'll be sure to keep you updated on the deals I think are the best. Enjoy!

*Hint: I often sign up for daily deals with additional e-mail addresses, not only for additional credits when they are offered- but also to grab a *HOT deal when the limit is 1 per person. I sign my husband's e-mail address up for these deal sites, too!

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