Tuesday, November 30

Dormzy Groupon + Rebate: 13 P&G products for $5.87 shipped!

Here's a *HOT Groupon Deal that I think everyone should get! In the Lexington Groupon Deal today, you can order $50 worth of products from Dormzy for $25! Dormzy offers everyday items like shampoo, lotions, even snacks, etc. This deal includes FREE shipping as well.

There are Olay, Herbal Essences and Secret items available at Dormzy! Are you thinking what I'm thinking...?
$20 P&G Rebate! This is what my order at Dormzy looked like this morning:

I added 6 Herbal Essences Shampoo, 3 Olay Body Wash, and 4 Secret Deoderant to my shopping cart. Any order over $50 automatically gets FREE shipping. As soon as I apply the
$50 Groupon to my account (that cost $25), all of these items will cost 87 cents. THEN, when you get your items, fill out the $20 P&G Rebate for spending $50 on qualifying items- namely, any Secret, Herbal Essences, or Olay products.

You will get $20 back and end up paying only $5.87 for the 13 items above! That's 45 cents each! WOW!

(*Note: I added these to my shopping cart this morning to show how many items you can get with your $50 gift certificate. I won't be able to make an actual purchase until tomorrow when I get the Groupon gift certificate number to use on Dormzy!)

Thanks, Mojo Savings!


Amanda said...

Also, remember that you can purchase Groupon's through Ebates.com and get 3% back.

Kelli said...

Can you help me understand this process better? I went ahead and purchased a groupon to Dormzy with my credit card....then I purchased 50.58 of P & G products and charged it to the same credit card. So now I've spent $75.58---how does this work with the Groupon---I enter in my code after December 2nd? As you can tell, this is my first time doing this and it's a little confusing---I just don't want to end up spending more $$ than I intended.

Heather said...

Thanks, Amanda! That's sweet- even more money back in your pocket! ;)

Heather said...

Hi Kelli!

I'm sorry for the trouble! The way it works with Groupon is you purchase the Groupon in your Groupon account and then Groupon will give you a code to use worth $50 on the Dormzy site. The code on Groupon should show up tomorrow. I should have explained that better!
You can then use your Groupon code from the gift certificate to purchase the $50 on Dormzy for FREE- the $50 Groupon will pay for your items.
I'm hoping that you will be able to cancel your transaction at Dormzy? I added up those items on their website today to show you how many things you can get for $50- but I'm not able to purchase them until I get the $50 Groupon number credited to my Groupon account tomorrow!
Please try to cancel you order with Dormzy. When all is said and done, you should only have to pay $25 for the Groupon and then get the $20 Rebate back- only $5 out of your pocket!

Kelli said...

Thanks Heather--I had the feeling I was "missing" something. The customer service rep. was very nice on the phone and I was able to cancel my order--so no harm done!! I will place my order later this week and look forward to the great deal-- esp. after the P&G rebate. As long as I'm writing--I really enjoy your site and have learned so much from you. Keep up the great work!!

Heather said...

Oh, phew! I feel much better now. I'm so glad you were able to get it cancelled.

Thanks for your nice compliments! Keep up the great savings ;)!

Anonymous said...

Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..