Monday, January 24

$10 Papa Murphy's Gift Card for $5!

Plum District has a *HOT deal that will sell out fast this morning! Get a $10 Papa Murphy's gift card for just $5! This is the perfect quick dinner to pick when you're out and about. Pair this gift card with specials and Papa Murphy's coupons and you'll really save big!

FYI- You will need to sign in with Plum District to view this deal. Simply sign in with an e-mail address and password to buy the Papa Murphy's gift card. Enjoy!


Krista and Jeff said...

is it a print or do they send the gift card??

Heather said...

Hi Krista!

I'm almost positive it's a print- it saves them big on postage and handling- I need to buy mine now, so I'll let you know for sure.
I'm thinking it's just like Groupon- buy now and print tomorrow.

Heather said...

Hey, hey- I was wrong! I just bought mine and they said the voucher may be printed via e-mail... but when I opened the message, it says that the gift card will be shipped within 2 weeks! (I'm hoping they'll send it today, but just gave 2 weeks as a buffer...) Thanks for the great question!