Friday, January 28

DFW Food Storage: Palm Shortening Order!

I found yet another component for my Food Plan 2011- DFW Food Storage! This group buying site is similar to Zaycon Foods and Bountiful Baskets- you get more for less when you buy in big numbers!

I'm giving you really short notice on their current deal, but I promise to give you tons of notice for next time around. DFW Food Storage is now taking orders for Palm Shortening. This is a fantastic product for food storage. Unlike vegetable oils, Palm Shortening has an indefinite shelf life! This is a wonderful investment!

And.... for my cute Utah readers out there- DFW Food Storage can get shipments to you, too! There just needs to be enough interest in the products to get an order. We can work more on that later, or... if you'd like to head up getting some interest in your area, please contact Sharon by e-mail at sharon@dfw (remove space).

A gallon of Palm Shortening is $30.
DFW Food Storage suggests you have 6-8 gallons for a family of four in your food storage.

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, orders for the Palm Shortening will be accepted until this Sunday, Jan. 30. Details on how to order and more information about Palm Shortening are on the
DFW Food Storage site. Again, I'm super excited about "group buying" and how we can work together to get food storage for our families!

(DFW stands for Dallas-Fort Worth. In case you didn't know- I learned this when I first moved to Dallas!)

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