Thursday, January 27

$50 Vistaprint Credit for $10!

WOW! Living Social has a *HOT deal on Vistaprint items! Get a $50 credit to use at Vistaprint for $10! You can pick this deal up under the city of Atlanta. (Anyone may purchase this online deal.)

I know that Vistaprint often has FREE offers all the time, but adding extras to customize your business cards, greeting cards, etc. always costs a little more. This is a great way to cover those costs!

I'm going to pick this up today for my Savvy Sister business cards!
Oh, yes- my children just love it when I pass them while shopping. Not really- they get a little embarrassed, especially my 10-year-old. I just remind her that everyone loves saving money and that I'm helping them out!

Thanks, Derby City Deals!

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