Tuesday, June 8

$25 Nutty Guys Coupon for $10!

Okay, I'm really excited about today's Groupon offer! This is the deal for today: Get a $25 coupon at Nutty Guys Fruits and Nuts for $10! I really like it when there is a coupon for healthy foods. These are perfect foods for summer hiking!

You can pay extra to have your order shipped directly to you, or you can visit the Nutty Guys store. They are located in Salt Lake City at 3528 W 500 S, where you can pick your $25 worth of fruit, nuts, granola, spreadable butters and more! They also have specialty items like dried mango cubes, apple-juice-sweetened blueberries, chocolate-covered pretzels, cinnamon toffee almonds, and cinnamon gummy bears. Everything sounds so delicious- I want to sample one of each!

I hope you enjoy this special offer from Groupon!

1 comment:

Melonie said...

THANK YOU!!!! I will BUY IT!!!