Wednesday, June 9

Tonight I made....

Tonight I made a presentation on using your powdered milk in your foods. I made yogurt from powdered millk and granola to top it. I also made a mock mozzarella cheese. I mixed the mock cheese with real grated mozzarella and I put those together with onions, tomatoes, and olive oil. All these ingredients topped Ritz crackers for a mini bruschetta appetizer! Mmmm.... they are so tasty!

It was actually a little refreshing to be asked to teach a class that's not about coupons.... well, maybe just this once!

Also, if you are willing to mix up your own milk, this is a great money saver! I used to think that dried or powdered milk was fake milk. It's not! It's dried milk, without the water- just add water and whalaa! Milk! I figured the cost of 1 gallon of skim milk to cost just 67 cents when you mix it yourself. The cost of a gallon of 2% milk is only $1.17. You can get used to the new taste by mixing it with the milk you normally use. Add more and more of your powdered mix until you and your family are used to it. This is another great way to save money.

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